What is burnout?

What is burnout?

Burnout is precisely what it says on the label. It is the burnout of millions of brain cells.

Burnout is induced by prolonged high stress.

High stress causes the mass production of the stress hormone cortisol.

Cortisol in small doses is part of your performance behaviour. Frequently refer to the freeze, flight or fight reaction.

Because there are no longer ferocious tigers, bears or other dangerous animals in the streets waiting to pounce and eat you, you have no need to run or fight for your life.

Therefore, any excess cortisol in your body not used in running or fighting, damages your muscle cell tissue and burns out your brain cells by poisoning them. 

Persistent stress and high stress means the continuous production of cortisol in your blood stream with nowhere to go but burn out brain cells.

As brain cells are damaged the thinking pathways that supported your logical and performance thought patters breakdown so you have memory loss also difficulties stringing series of ideas into a streaming thinking pattern.

There are early warning signs but few take much notice of them. There are very good reasons for this negligent behaviour.

After burnout you will encounter the “want to but cannot syndrome.” This is an internal brain process called the 7th sense survival and protection intelligence. It is an intelligence centre in your brain that prevents you from doing again all you did to get yourself into burnout.

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