Telepathic Intelligence

Telepathic Intelligence works in close relations with Intuitive intelligence.

The dictionary definition of telepathy as the transfer of thoughts between people by scientifically unknown or inexplicable means.

Everyone has this capability indeed animals also, though few recognise this fact neither do they have any knowledge of how or when to use it.

Some say telepathy is a trick and impossible.

Others say, “that is amazing you took the thoughts right out of my mind.”

Albert Einstein talked of the field or energy and intelligence. What is that other than a combination of telepathy and intuitive intelligence. Telepathy goes far beyond inexplicable transfer of thought between people alone.

Reading body language may be recognition of specific physical also eye movements and postures, it is also connected to telepathic recognition of thoughts between people by scientifically unknown or inexplicable means.

Talk to pet owners, horses, farm animals and even those who have encountered dangerous wild animals and they will bore you stiff with countless stories of telepathic communication of an extraordinary nature.

You think talking to trees and plants is crazy. What about communication with a stone, a Raku pottery pot, your heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and anythink that matters to you. All these things exist because of energy and information. That information or intelligence is transferable by telepathy. Read in this book how master potters communicate with a white hot pot in its kiln to know exactly when to remove and expose it to the cool air and oxygen. Raku petters were doing this hundreds of years ago. Today the most sophisticated temperature sensing technology cannot do this.

Sailors like to tell stories as tall as the masts of their ships, yet irrifutable accounts of whales, dolphins, sharks, etc helping out shipwrecked or lost sailors with barely a glimmer of a chance of survival.

Master your telepathink intelligence and you open a new world of success and high performance.

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