Subconscious Ambitions 2#

Subconscious Ambitions 2#

Mostly subconscious ambitions are set up when you are in your formative years up to about twelve or thirteen years of age.

Subconscious ambitions can be immensely motivating, however mostly they are extremely limiting and you have no idea what is holding you back or why you have specific limiting likes and behaviours.

Motivating Subconscious ambitions are made during moments of inspiration. They happen in seconds and then pass into your creative subconscious brain and are constantly worked on until they emerge at precisely the right time as had ben planned so quickly and so many years previously.

Limiting Subconscious Ambitions are also made in a matter of seconds and then immediately forgotten in your conscious thoughts. However, they are far from forgotten in your subconscious brain.

Limiting Subconscious ambitions are invariably created as a result of a fear of something you perceive or believe you will have to face or conform to. It takes seconds to formulate a plan to protect yourself from your fears. Read support page >emotional intelligence<. During those seconds of defensive creativity you attach the powerful emotion of fear, doubt or lack of confidence to your plan (ambition). Immediately after, you consciously forget but your subconscious mind never forgets and your implicit brain works endlessly to fulfil your subconscious ambition. Whatever the negative limiting emotion it is powerful and stays with you all your life or until you cancel it.