Subconscious Ambitions 1#

Subconscious Ambitions may be positive in their support or perpetual limiting stumbling blocks throughout your life.

Subconscious ambitions are inherent subconscious programs you were born with, a gift from your parents and othere ancestors.

You know nothing of the detail of these inherited subconscious ambitions until you begin to recognise patters of automatic habitual intuitive limiting or supportive behaviours as you progress through life.

These subconscious ambition programs in your brain cause repetitive high performance and success thinking or repetitive errors with significant downside consequences.

Limiting subconscious ambition programs can be stopped, diverted or changed.

A second catagory of subconscious ambitions that again can be positive or limiting are those you created yourself.

This invariably happens when you are in your formative years, usually between the ages of four and late teens.

These personal subconscious ambitions are created in a matter of seconds or at the most minutes and you immediately forget them. That is until they are triggered and then you remember exactly where, when and why you chose those programs.

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