Power Strategies.

  • Power Strategies are subconscious automatic behaviour programs constantly pushing high performance.


  • Power Strategies displace old dysfunctional performance behaviours you had no idea were acting as your stumbling blocks.


  • Power strategies can be set up for any situation whether personal, in sport or in business.


  • Do you have a family member, team member, maybe an opponent or a work colleague who just riles you beyond calm reason each time you encounter them.


  • You have taken therapy and made many promises to yourself that the next time you will stay calm and collected. It does not happen does it?


  • Power Strategies stop this happening and you know about them because you set them up, but you also know you don’t have to worry about them or how they work. Your new power stretegy is your new secret power play.


  • Power Strategies are powerful because they work with your brain the way your brain likes to work.

2.AAB. High Performance after Burnout Book cover

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