Intuition is one of the strangest centres of intelligence in your brain because it has access to information beyond your mind.

The dictionary definition of Intuition is the act or faculty of knowing without the use of rational processes; immediate cognition; perceptive insight and much more.

Because of this ommision of rational processes you have a strong tendancy to ignor your intuitive insights.

Record and analyse your intuitive insights and you will find they are never wrong, they arrive just in time for the right purpose.

But beware! Intuition has an impostor. It is called “Wisful thinking” and it pretends to be intuitive knowledge.

True intuition is instant, never as you expect it to be, it is perfect and on hindsight always right.

Wishful thinking is slow by comparison and comes from your conscious thoughts of the most ideal solution you could wish for. Invariably on hindsight it is wrong.

High performers learn to recognise and trust intuitive intelligence as they understand it gives them massive advantages.

In situations of having to make rapid and potentially risky decisions, intuitive intelligence will save your skin and save the day.

Actively working your ntuitive intelligence is acquiring information and knowledge there is no other means of accessing.

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