Your Implicit Brain

Your Implicit brain is where you convert plans, wishes, dream, etc into actions.

That only happens with quality success provided a number of hurdles have been overcome.

The first hurdle is working with the way your implicit brain like working best. The key words for sustained high performance are precision and detail.

Muddled, knee jerk, poor planning, inprecise intentions are the right strategies for  muddled, knee-jerk poor inprecise outcomes. In short  “junk in junk out.”

Precise and detailed planning and thinking are the best way to overcome hurdles such as limiting beliefs, values and habits.

Other hurdles are:

  • Subconscious 7th Sence Survival protection intelligence. See (Survival Protection)
  • Subconscious Ambitions. See ( Subconscious Ambitions)


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