Emotional Intelligence

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The first thing to understand about emotional intelligence is that it is extremely powerful and ranges from very good to very dangerous. So you better understand what emotional intelligence is and what you do not know about it right now.

When you use emotional intelligence correctly it is good and powerful.

When you allow emotions to run knee-jerk reactions is when emotional intelligence becomes extremely dangerous for your plans, goals or ambitions.

When your limiting beliefs and values attach themselves to your emotions and emotional intelligence, is when they become serious stumbling blocks in your life and performance.

When one of your limiting belief is attached to fear, you are certainly at risk of stalling your performance.

Fear is one of the most dominant emotions. The worst things any of us can do, is to react out of fear by the first knee-jerk idea for escaping the fear that comes to mind.

That is giving fear its dangerous uncontrolled power of your being fearful of fear.

The most positive way to use fear to see it for what it really is.

The Neuro-fault Protection solution is to regard the fear emotion as a powerful friend and a warning device. No more than a warning device.

In just a few words, when you sense fear it is a link from your survival protection to understand you are missing important information about whatever you are engaged in.

Albert Einstein said that if you try to fix something you don’t know how to fix you will just make a complete mess of it.

When you sense any emotional fear, stop and find what you are lacking insofar as achieving that goal or objective.

When you have what is missing, fear has an uncanny behaviour of turning into confidence.

That is the reward for observing fear, immediately and understanding its real objective.

Remember; fear is emotional intelligence – it is intelligence.

Intelligence is only of any use when you know what to do with it.

Being in the controlled of emotional instability, of not knowing what to do in an emotional crisis and panicking, is when your world is at great risk of going seriously pear-shaped.

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