All comfort zones are limiting unless you have no goals, projects, dreams or aspirations.

Comfort zones are like nests feathered with limiting beliefs and values that act as all the excuses you can imagine that give you reason not to trust in your skills or capabilities to achieve the impossible.

Yes; the words, “I cannot and its impossible” are nothing but limiting excuses for not stretching yourself.


They; like so many other comfort zone protectors; are the barriers that prevent you from performing, achieving and enjoying the riches of life also cutting your stress.

You have a mind process that MindPower Recognition discovered and calls the 7th sense Intelligence. It is a powerful mind function that plays an important role in protecting you during times of challenge, chaos and trauma.

If those protection processes are not resolved and they become permanent, they then become performance and development limiting barriers that hold you in your comfort zone with emotional bars of steel.IMG_1328

When challenging events, chaos and trauma link up with negative emotions they become major barriers blocking your way so you enter into a war with yourself, which invariably destroys your achievement and performance.

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