Accentuating Conflict

Thursday, 08 October 2015

  • Do you fear you are heading into a divorce?
  • Are you heading into divorce?
  • Are you heading into another divorce of losing your job?Tètras-lyre images

Divorce whatever its form is one of the most stressful events on most people’s lives and they are totally unprepared.

If you have decided to go for a couple’s divorce, did you know 90% of women regret their divorce within one to three years?

The above does not include severe mental or physical violence in a marriage.

Memory persists! Regrets persist! Little can rub out those mistakes. That means a permanent source of stress if those memories or regrets are not defused of their emotional stress drivers. This is not wiping your brain clean, it is simply disconnecting the link between the memory and the attached emotion, this undoes the stress.IMG_1527

Imagine you are a passenger train that is being slowed down by redundant technology thinking patterns or some heavy duty emotional stresses that are pulling on the carriage brake lever. This breaking is sucking your energy to move.

A Neuro-fault Protection life coach comes into your life and shows you how to back your train into a siding and disconnect that troublesome wagon. Instantly you are transformed into the real you.

Now you drive forward, no stress, no unwanted braking. You are moving on a powerful field of your own pure energy. There are no emotional brakes to slow you down, even there are no wheels to create friction but you can stop at any time you like if you really want to.  You power forward and feel the lightness and joy in your life again. Yes you are free to fly.

Japanese High Speed Magleve Passanger Train

Falling out of love with someone you loved sufficiently to share your life with and make a family may happen for many reasons.

Those involved are frequently unaware or barely understand the real reasons for this change of heart.

When old school values, disciplines, respect and responsibility fall to modern freedoms to do as you please, when you please, how you please without recourse to the eventual consequences, divorce statistics also stress levels are destined to only rise.

Clearly some marriages (couples, jobs, careers) should never have happened. Should they lie in the bed they have made, suffer and maybe ruin lives and potential or should they be terminated as quickly as possible.

Both solutions have up-side and down-side consequences. Both sides in such a tangled mess need the best support possible. That does not mean lawyers who frequently pour fuel on an already overheated fire for vested interests.

This is no time for DIY self psychology or to be goaded into making even greater mistakes by so called friends, colleagues and relatives. Such guidance or advice is heavily weighted with limiting emotions to recycle a boat load of limiting beliefs, most of which may be immensely destructive without realising.

This is not to say the facts are wrong it is more about influential biases that lead to distorting and stressful leverages.

This is an example that in life coaching there is no taking sides also no giving of advice (the opinion of a bad coach). That is why qualified professional experienced coaching is good for conflict resolution.

Conflict may equally be internal conflict with yourself.

It is justifiable to say that all life coaching is conflict resolution. It is always to get to the root cause of a problem, which is invariably stuck in internal self conflict. Life coaching success is based on getting you to take a fundamentally different perspective.

The key to success is not in your conscious logical understanding, reasoning and being virtually forced into bad compromises even if that comes from within your own thinking process.

The key to success in life or conflict coaching is in the coach taking you into the most powerful intelligence, which understands all the detail, infinitely more than your logic realises.

The key to success in life or conflict coaching is in the coach showing you the way to accessing your super powerful subconscious intelligence that knows and understands exactly what the right solution is. It is the solution that you are totally at ease with.

The massive bonus is in the fact your subconscious mind solution is completely free of all stress.

Observe the definitions and more information included in specific pages listed above just under the image of a high mountain river tumbling through rocks.

These specific pages are just a small example of the massive resources and intelligence you have at your disposal. The secret is in understanding how to use them to their very best potential.

Neuro-fault Protection coaching will accompany you on your path to your best solutions.

Within the book “High Performance After Burnout” you will find many examples and references to the fact there is no stress in your super powerful subconscious intelligence.

Your mind can work for you IN A FAR BETTER WAY. It is all in Robert P. Denton’s new book  is a layman’s guide to how and why you think the way you do.

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Accentuating Conflict pulls heavily on your performance breaking system.