Why do we have to lie to tell the truth?

Why do we have to lie to tell the truth?

This morning I saw this statement on a placard in the street where I live.

It was so striking it stopped me in my tracks

What on earth is that nonsense, thought I.

Well it only took a few seconds to workout it was so right.

I prefer to call it brutal honesty and others use something softer as the raw truth and the hard truth is perhaps more frequently used but our society does not like the brutal, raw or hard truth.

We see this truth in our memories. We do not like brutal, neither raw nor hard so what do we do. We lie about the truth in order to remember.

We do this by softening the language of the memory, we round up sharp corners of reality so they do not jar and we smooth out rough edges of the hard brutal, raw truth only because we do not like to be reminded of who we really are, what we have really done that we are not so proud of and worse what we are still capable of doing.

On the other side of the coin when we are proud of something we again cannot resist the lying in order to tell the truth.

We embellish, add in a little or a lot that may not actually have happened. We allow our imagination to broaden out, enlarge, fill in, decorate, enhance, beautify, gild, garnish, elaborate, embroider, enrich, exaggerate and varnish the truth with what are essentially lies.

The craziest thing of all is that we call this political correct diplomacy.


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