Friday, 20 November 2015

Just One Cell Update 1.

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Part of the cortisol trigger sequence

Look inside any one of the hundred trillion of cells in your body, and you will see the equivelant of a modern city infostructure, roadways and lines of communications. The planning and intelligence is maintained by a working program of what David Bolinsky medical illustrator calls micro machines that are constantly updating themselves and the cells performance. There is sufficient intelligence in just one of your cells to manage and maintain an entire city the size of London, Paris, New York or Tokyo.

It is really worth watching this video.  This video is just a lead up to the cells themselves:                  https://www.ted.com/talks/david_bolinsky_animates_a_cell#t-233294

In the past accessing that intelligence and using it for our worldly needs has been attributed to those revered as geniuses. Even so; now it is clear they were only scratching the surface of a vast pool of intelligence.

Specialist teams attached to top universities sworn to secrecy are in a race to find how to access this intelligence. They have one enormous stumbling block yet to be overcome.

Albert Einstein said, ” When we all think alike no one thinks much.”

When Charles Augustus Lindbergh was the first man to fly across the Atlantic non stop in 1927, a young journalist ran into his editors office. “Boss, have you heard, Charles Lindbergh has flown across the atlantic nonstop single handed.” The editor took no notice and continued to read the article he was working on. “Boss did you hear what I said. It is fantastic?” The editor looked up at the jurnalist. “Look my son, when you come into my office and tell me a committe and flown across the Atlantic non stop, that is fantastic news. Now get out of my office.”

You have the same intelligence as those geniuses, like tho secret think tanks spinning in circles, the only difference is you have not yet discovered how to access it.

“Oh, what a load of rubbish,” you say.

Quote. Any fool can know the point is to understand.

Albert Einstein acclaimed genius

“Oh really,” I say.

Every golfer who can drive a small white ball 200 yards into a hole the size of a coffee mug that they cannot actually see and do it time and time again is using genius brain power.

To maintain your body and brain; indeed your life; in an extremely hostile environment of disease, viruses, poisonous substances and worse, each cell of your body and brain is making millions of genius thoughts and actions every second of your life.

What change would happen in your life and career if you could tap into that intelligence on demand to achieve the dreams you know are in reality consigned to be just your dreams?

There are more inventors around the world than ever before and they are tapping into the outer skin of this intelligence to make their dreams come true.

They are using genius thinking to make the unimaginable and impossible a reality. Their biggest problem is understanding what they have done by accident and therefore maintaining the flow of intelligence and new genius ideas. Perhaps one in a billion entrepreneurs actually achieve this.

Those inventors have the same brain design as you. The only difference is how they use it. Change how you do what you do and a whole load of stuff in your life changes too!


The Neuro-fault Protection’s breakthrough has been in identifying where limiting programs are in the brain and how to eliminate them quickly and definitively.

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Just One Cell is written by Robert P. Denton director of MindPower Recognition and Neuro-fault Protection.

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