Wednesday 4th November 2015

Subconscious brain management is the key to the success strategy and performance of high performing movers and shakers across history and around the world.

The secret is – most did not or do not know how they did or do that.

Quote. Any fool can know the point is to understand.

Albert Einstein

When it comes to being a top performer, genes, personality, character, environment of up-bringing, surrounding parents and mentors, quality of schools and educational qualifications are all important issues in becoming a high performer.

It is clear that education qualifications and the right mix of the above qualities in bold type are important even vital to gaining and developing a successful quality career for the large majority.

There are however another set of qualities, which can by-pass the high education achievement status, and the lack of the right ingrediants, though this is not for the feint of mind.

Crystal clear objectives, a strong command of good leadership skills, two or more quality mentors and financiers will get you a long way.

To achieve a crystal clear objective may seem straightforward but in reality it is no easy task.

This requires a very special line and depth of thinking to get to the normally unseen essence of success. Getting half way there only gives you half or a limited degree of success with the same or even more effort as full achievement.

Command of good leadership skills is vital. The ultimate and most devastating effect of not mastering these skills is high stress.


Bhudda said, “Life is a struggle. To fully achieve your destiny one must let go of the obstacles you place in your own path.”

Two or more quality mentors are the force that helps to keep your thinking crystal clear and on track.

Reliable financies or financiers and the skills to make sure they maintain their interest in you are essential.

More than forty years of research into achieving high performance has shown there is one more vital, crucial,  apsolutely dependable quality that opens the door to the highest sustainable success even genius.

These element is the foundation secret Neuro-fault Protection uses to develop you in really achieving what you want.

In addition Neuro-fault Protection training and coaching provide the quality mentorship and training based on a depth of experience to keep you well away from the stress that can so easily bring your life  career and projects tumbling down.

For more information on A new approach to preventing stress cycles contact:

2.AAB. High Performance after Burnout Book cover

Your mind can work for you IN A FAR BETTER WAY. It is all in Robert P. Denton’s new book, High Performance After Burnout – Fix the stress before the damage is done. A layman’s guide to how and why you think the way you do.



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