Your Way

You like to do things your way.


Bison 1 IMG_0090

Because you know your way works for you and it feels comfortable.

Oh dear, there is that word comfort and that means comfort zones.

If you were not sure; comfort zones are behaviour patterns (that includes thinking patterns) you constantly repeat even if they are not really working in your best interests.

Have you noticed you repeatedly get the same negative reaction to some of your efforts, behaviours or attitudes? That is because those originate from your outdated comfort zone values and thinking patterns.

But are they?

Well yes and no.



There are different types of comfort zones. Some are good like high performance comfort zones that you constantly update. Yes these are comfort zones because you have confidence in the fact they work and produce the results you want.

The bad comfort zones are those that are not performing but you turn a blind eye to this fact because you cannot be bothered to change and evolve with a fast changing world.

Why are you resisting changing? Look what happened to the dinosaurs and the woolly mammoths. Okay their excuse was that giant asteroid that really did mess up their comfort zones. So how about the Dodo bird?

You see, when your comfort zone is too tasty and irresistible, if you do not make an effort to stop setting yourself up to fail, you are heading to extinction.

Their excuse was they were too lazy to fly and that no one told them. What is yours?

Changing is effort and effort is stressful. This is especially when changing flies in the face of your redundant comfort zone beliefs. Why?Swans reflection IMG_0277

When a new fashion hits town you dump relative comfort zones at the drop of a hat with no complaints.

Fashion is largely frivolous as it will change sooner or later. Nonetheless, there are some fashions that hang around for a long time also others are important for many reasons socially and professionally.

There are some comfort zones that are good but sadly they find themselves in conflict with fashion.

So there are some comfort zones that need special attention so they support you in a special way without becoming a constant stumbling block

Read more about comfort zones and much more in High Performance After Burnout – Fix the stress before the damage is done.

Burnout is important because it is a product of dinosaur and woolly mammoth style attitudes of sticking in comfort zones.

The more comfort zones build walls to resist change, the greater the high levels of stress and that is the road to burnout.

For more information on A new approach to preventing stress cycles contact:

Your mind can work for you IN A FAR BETTER WAY. It is all in Robert P. Denton’s new book, a layman’s guide to how and why you think the way you do.

2.AAB. High Performance after Burnout Book cover



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