What Blocks Your Genius?

 “Reality is an illusion based on what you perceive or what you want to believe.”Swans reflection IMG_0277

Although just a few words, they are important to your success and it requires a considerable degree of understanding to unravel the deeper meaning wrapped up within them.

Therefore, it might be appropriate to say that all your thoughts, plans and actions are influenced by what you know, understand also what you want.

This is why you may be prone to limiting yourself to what is familiar, thus staying in your comfort zone. The downside of this behaviour is in not daring to wander into uncharted thinking and then new behaviour territory.

The consequences of thinking paradigms are many including, the important issue of limiting your rate of development, creative thinking, planning and therefore limiting your rate of progress and higher performance.

A paradigm is like a box. Past experiences, observations, conclusions, expectations, bias, prejudgement and prejudice are like walls, fences or boundaries. It is safer to stay inside. What horrors lay beyond?IMG_0940

What lies beyond is progress, the future, the early bird that catches the worm. This is where the movers, shakers and winners spend most of their thinking and creative time.

Steve Jobs the late boss of Apple has been described as a hard task master. As a prime mover and shaker in the field of modern communications technology, he led the way in creating dynamic change.

So what did Steve Jobs have? He had what all mover and shakers have. It is the ability to think out of their unconscious and intuitive intelligence on demand, test it and run with it to see what comes out at the end.

Okay but where and how do these movers and shakers find their ideas?

It is via using their more powerful subconscious intuitive – creative – explicit brain.

I never met Steve Jobs but I know why such people are regarded as hard task masters. It is because they have to push and harry those around them to see the light and catch up in their thinking.

Such inspired people feel an enormous frustration when they have to slow down their creative thinking and progress to help those around them catch up.

The WOW factor is that once you know the simplicity of how to tap into your own intuitive – creative  subconscious intelligence on demand, you too can be the great thinker you always believed was beyond you.

This is the paradox of belief paradigms; they perpetuate themselves by their own boundaries.

To build the necessary escape velocity to break out and access your genius, it is necessary to overcome your fear of the unknown and to delete your beliefs or perceptions of self imposed limitations and no-go boundaries.

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What Blocks Your Genius

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