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How Does Neuro fault Protection (NfP) Help Develop Your Career without High Stress?V12 Rapide

Performance stress is at an all time high. The problem of overwhelm and burnout is on the increase. Companies recognise this predicament.

Why a predicament also why only ameliorate the problem instead of banishing it?

They do not know what to do beyond providing therapy that once again focuses on the symptoms not the cause.IMG_1110

The answer is because competition between companies demands ever better results for their business to stay profitable, in business.

Yes , a certain sector like to make profit a dirty word and blame companies for being uncaring.

What they miss is that without profit there will be no jobs. This means that the top leadership has to push, drive, cajole and encourage managers to do the same to their teams.

A CEO’s career span in a company can be as short as 2 to 3 years if they fail to satisfy the shareholders. Ever increasing performance and profit is the name of the game.

The stock holders are the power deciding who sits on the board of directors also when the CEO gets his or her marching orders. Stress at the top trickles all the way down the promotion ladder.IMG_1217

Therefore, competition, performance, promotion and stress are inextricably linked.

“It is only possible to find a solution when you have recognised and understood the problem.’

Up to now MindPower Recognition has found most believe that first managerial demands and performance are the primary causes of stress at the work place.

Quote. Any fool can know the point is to understand.

Number 2 stressor is perceived to be person-to-person and inter-department disputes.

In our observations and research there is only one real stressor. That is the way each one of us thinks about any specific or combined issues.

When we use redundant thinking patterns and strategies out of synchronization with any demand or expectation related to performance at the work place, inevitably stress will rise rapidly.

The Message is: “We know we are working against our own subconscious capability beliefs.” This process is far more complex than perceived. It is something we take seriously in the NfP process of controlling high stress, even overwhelm and burnout.IMG_1332

When the thinking strategies we use are outdated and do not match up to and produce up-to -date performance expectations the conscious mind perceives the emotional disturbance we call stress.

At that moment the brain releases a message that a second later arrives in your adrenal glands to produce a hormone called cortisol. The more mind/thinking pressure, the more cortisol is flooded into the body.

When this happens over extended periods, the brain and mind begins to shut down due to cortisol poisoning thus destroying brain cells and thinking capability.

The process is gradual so you do not realise something is wrong until you have more difficulty to remember little bits of vital information at critical moments.

What is happening is those thinking pathways that you normally rely on to dish-up important special bits of information during a conversation, have been broken. This is caused by an extraordinary number of brain cells being damaged by poisoning of stress induced cortisol.

Having understood the real cause of stress, overwhelm and burnout, MindPower Recognition has produced the NfP program as a solution to the cause not the symptoms of the problem. This is to teach people and specifically high performers how to use the infinitely more powerful and faster acting subconscious brain on demand before too much damage is done.

There are three major benefits for doing this:

  1. Your subconscious brain is infinitely faster and more capable than your conscious rational brain clouded with all its limiting beliefs and false illusions perceived to be your reality.
  2. Inform your subconscious brain of what you want in the right way that it understands and it will provide precisely what you ask for.
  3. Third, there is no stress in your subconscious brain.2.AAB. High Performance after Burnout Book cover

It is all explained inside Robert Denton’s latest book High Performance After Burnout.



For more information about Neuro fault Protection contact Robert Denton at:


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