Does Stress Change You?

The damaging consequences of stress are that your reasoning under the weight of high stress becomes negatively biased. 

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Two years ago I called a friend I had not spoken to for 6 months. “How are you John,” I asked.

“Frankly Robert I’m in a mess, my life is in a mess and I have to make some important decisions immediately and I just cannot face the thought, I just don’t know what to do,” he said.

“Lets meet for a coffee and maybe together we can find some solutions,” I said.

John’s voice suddenly became a tad aggressive.

“Oh I couldn’t listen to your coaching questions. I don’t want to know about high performance brain and mind strategies. I am just too stressed out for all that stuff,” John said.

“Okay John, so you say you are under a lot of stress and life is though you are at war,” I said.

“Yes, that is certainly true,’ he said.


You feel no one can help you. Your only solution is to sort it out yourself. 

“Yes that’s just about right,’ he said.

“Okay, if I can be of any help call me,” I said.

A year later John called me. 

“Can we meet, my life is now in an awful mess. I have made so many mistakes and now face a major problem.


It transpired John had been playing a dangerous game with his financial affairs of which he hardly understood. He was already living a stressful life and when the writing was on the wall to make some changes, he just ignored the facts and hoped the ensuing problem would go away by its own accord.

Everone is fighting themselves in some way or another but mostly completely unaware of why or for what reason.

Everone is fighting themselves in some way or another but mostly completely unaware of why or for what reason.

John found the problem too stressful to begin to think about what to do. The first error was in choosing to ignore it by doing nothing.

Like all problems of such a nature the situation gradually grew in size.

All John had to do was call an adviser, a specialist who could give him good advice as to what to do. His second mistake was that he chose not to do that but continue to hide from the problem.

When I met John he was in a terrible state. Mentally and physically exhausted his mind was spinning like whirlwind even in his sleep.

Now John was ready for coaching yet he still had a resistance as to being told what he had  to do.

“Okay John, can we get some simple facts straightened out. First I am not here to tell you what you have to do and it is far too late for high performance thinking strategies. I am here to find out why you have not done what you have known all along you needed to do.”

“Next, together we’ll find out how best to resolve the problem now it has reached such a serious stage.

It turned out that John’s stress was so serious he was on the verge of taking action regarding another major issue in his life. He felt he had to take specific action although his intuition was telling him it was wrong. He said it would take away his greatest joy and the only way he could find peace from his stress.

It transpired that the basis for his perceived only action regarding this second situation was completely based on negative thinking of all the issues related to it. His stress had driven him into creating a fantasy of black hopelessness.

Studying the facts of the situation as they really were, helped John to understand the knee jerk action he was contemplating was totally unnecessary as he had a multitude of positive options.

A month later John called me to say, the first problem was on the way to be resolved though it would take time to complete and the second issue had been put on hold while he renewed his plans.

The pressure and weight had been lifted so John’s voice had a renewed energy that underpinned his perception that the world was not quite as bad as he had earlier thought it to be.

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