Why Wrong Decisions and Regrettable Mistakes?

There are six principle reasons for all wrong decisions and regrettable mistakes.

There are two major groups of wrong decisions and errors

  • Choices and decisions concerning your life, future, partner, education, career, etc. These are decisions and actions, which require support, guidance, information and experience.

Get these decisions right and you set those issues on a wise and solid basis with a good expectancy for considerable success.

Get them wrong and you almost certainly set yourself on a challenging future of stumbles, exclusion and frankly more than your fair share of failure and stress.

Making mistakes at this level have far reaching, devastating and emotionally charged consequences when they come home to roost.

  • The second are the choices, decisions you make throughout the day regarding the small issues that arise and require quick decisions.

These decisions also have consequences that usually arise quickly and then some consequences arrive much later, even many decades later and when least expected.

There is a naive reasoning that it is important to make mistakes to progress. Yes there are mistakes that help you to evolve, even discover new ideas.

You will make those mistakes anyway and there are esoteric reasons why that happens.

There are many aspects to the consequences of mistakes worthy of considering.

Every mistake has consequences and those consequences are attached to different levels of stresses and stressors.

Thus; the more mistakes you make the higher your stress level will become.

They are the cause of the “Triple A-FIB” syndrome.


  1. A lack of focused thought.
  2. A lack of appropriate information.
  3. A lack of deep planning.
  4. Fear
  5. Impatience
  6. Bad, poor or no assessment of the consequences.

Get the above wrong and you continue to trip over yourself.

Get those below right and your successes will climb through the roof.


  1. Focused attention.
  2. Appropriate information.
  3. Detailed planning.
  4. Awareness of intended and potential consequences.
  5. Consequences
  6. Taking your time.

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