Friday, 18 September 2015

Those involved in advanced thinking already know that to focus on a problem you get stuck in the problem.

The smart thinking is to focus on the solution.

This may seem obvious yet try it and most people will quickly get back to focusing on the problem often without realising this fact.

Quantum thinking is seeing the impossible.

Quantum thinking works by visualising the impossible solution and then working backwards to the problem.

Turn it around and you have a comprehensible road map to the solution.

To do this some scientists and researchers have resorted to taking ecstasy which has the side effect of you believing you can fly out of your 25th floor office window.

Testing this belief has serious downside consequences. If the drop does not get you then esctasy may eventually cook your brain.

To understand the impossible requires the use of impossible thinking strategies.

The safer and sustainable solution to this impossible conundrum is in seeing what you already have but with the eyes of your subconscious brain intelligence, not those of your already overwhelmed conscious brain.

It is all in Robert P. Denton’s new book ‘High Performance after Burnout’ ISBN 9781512294705 is available at or order from your local book store.

For more information contact



2.AAB. High Performance after Burnout Book cover

This book  explains how your thinking processes work.

Why stresses and stressors dominate your life and mostly you are not aware of the fact or extent.

Most importantly it also explains how you can change your thinking processes to take back control of happiness and abundance and put stress and stressors where they belong.

For definitions and more information please see:  Specific pages listed above just under the image of a mountain river tumbling through rocks.

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