Why Spoiling Your Greater Potential

Thursday, 17 September 2015

For definitions and more information please see:  Specific pages listed above just under the image of a mountain river tumbling through rocks.

Take for example the “What is Neuro-fault” page. On this page you will see and read a short description of what Neuro-fault means.

It reads as follows:

At birth you come with or carry a lot of beliefs, and behaviour baggage.

Much of them simply slow you down, they reduce your performance and even build your stress and you have little or no idea that it is all happening and all the time.

 These are neuro or subconscious thinking patterns that get in the way of your best or high performance.

 Some of these came in your DNA package at birth and some you added intentionally also many others sort of snuck in through the back door without you noticing.

 There are some beliefs and values that are subconscious and like Trojan horse viruses attacking your computer. These belief and performance mal-functions get through your intelligent thinking defences while you are usually occupied with other emotional matters.

Beliefs, values, automatic habitual behaviours are the drivers of your very personal unique sense of reality.

Beliefs, values, automatic habitual behaviours and the like are small programs that process your thinking behaviour. Therefore; these programs determine your thinking capability and your ultimate performance.

Your new iPhone tablet or Apple watch will come with a small manual of how to operate these modern performance aids.

You read the manual, make some experiments and step by step your understand and then begin to perform. What you have done is to install operational performance programs and install them into your conscious awareness.

They eventually filter into your subconscious brain and become habitual automatic behaviours. You of course realise you have hundreds of this habitual behavious that help your daily performance.

Where Neuro-fault comes into the picture, is all those old outdated and redundant thinking habitual behaviours that are still running in your subconscious and ruining your performance.

Yes, when they were new and fresh they were the best thing since sliced bread. The world has moved on and you do not need them anymore because they are spoiling your greater potential.

Neuro-fault Protection is the process of identifying and deleting or disconnecting those redundant programs so they cannot get in your way anymore. That is already a smart success strategy but we can give you a few more to boost your performance even further.

It is all in Robert P. Denton’s new book ‘High Performance after Burnout’ ISBN 9781512294705 is available at www.amazon.com or order from your local book store.

For more information contact neurofaultprotection@gmail.com

 2.AAB. High Performance after Burnout Book cover

This book  explains how your thinking processes work.



Why stresses and stressors dominate your life and mostly you are not aware of the fact or extent.

Most importantly it also explains how you can change your thinking processes to take back control of happiness and abundance and put stress and stressors where they belong.

For definitions and more information please see:  Specific pages listed above just under the image of a mountain river tumbling through rocks.

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