Reality Changed did you notice?

Tuesday, 01 September 2015

Reality Changed did you Notice?IMG_0238 Phoenix logo

The masters of the game of life are You, Stress and Stressors.

It starts with what you want and not getting and what you are getting and do not want!

Ask what you want but are not getting, you will find your stresses.

Ask what you are getting that you do not want, you will find your stressors.

Stress applies pressure and damage to your health, happiness and joy of living; thus; it jeopardises your life, your performance and future.

Stress is active permanently in your daily conscious awareness.

Robert P. Denton’s new book ‘High Performance after Burnout’ ISBN 9781512294705 available at or order from your local book store, explains how your thinking processes work, why stresses and stressors dominate your life and most importantly; how you can change your thinking processes to take back control of happiness and abundance and put stress and stressors where they belong.

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