No Stress in the Subconscious Brain.

Monday, 31 August 2015

There is a belief it is important to make mistakes. The concept is mistakes breed new ideas.

It’s a complex subject, requiring in-depth understanding.


How fast can you think under pressure? The Bugatti Veyron does 288mph not because of a big engine, because of high performance thinking and onboard high performance computors. Read subconscious brain.

Mistakes do not help your exam results or professional competence.

We allow mistakes to happen due to interruptions and information overload in the conscious mind.

The conscious mind/brain reaches saturation mode rapidly so it has to find a way to relieve the pressure. In its own world overload is overload, there is no get out.

The solution is to utilise the vastly underused subconscious brain.

Robert P. Denton’s latest book ‘High Performance After Burnout’ available at explains this solution you are already using but do not know how to use it on command or how easy it is to do this.

The subconscious brain does not have errors or mistakes in its game plan unless you introduce them

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