High Performance After Burnout  by Robert P Denton  available at

I see young generations and entrepreneurs today making many of the same life mistakes as I and my peers did so many years ago.

There is a belief held by some that it is important to make mistakes. This is a complex subject requiring in-depth debate to master, yet think about what your errors do to your exam results or professional performance.

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Now think about the fact that your subconscious brain has no space for errors in its game plan.

This brings me onto my latest book ‘High Performance After Burnout.’ The tragedy is that stress and burnout are accelerating fast. ‘High Performance After Burnout’ tells more than the challenge of healing myself.

People talk of recovery when falling sick or breaking an arm or leg. I explain in the book why burnout recovery is the worst thing one can attempt.IMG_0238 Phoenix logo

The simple message is to do everything to stay clear of high stress and certainly overwhelming stress burnout.

Today school children and older students have to support unnatural amounts of stress to succeed in their education, exams and future careers.

I hear educators say; to survive; children have to learn to cope with stress, it is a fact of life. Given my experience of stress; my view is they have little idea of the terrors of overwhelming stress and burnout or what these things inflict on their charges.

High stress, overwhelming stress and burnout are not things you, me or anyone has to learn to cope with because they are a fact of life.

Modern levels of stress and flooding our bodies and brains with destructive levels of the hormone cortisol, are not something we have to get used to.

We cannot get used to stress and cortisol because the levels are now so high it will take thousands of generations and tens of thousands of years for our DNA and genomes to adapt.

The only viable and dependable solution is to change the way we use our brains.

Currently we stagger along contorting our conscious minds to carry a terrifying load of information just to get through the day.

Add to that all you will have to understand and master in the coming new generations of technology and you stumble under the load closer and closer to the cliff of burnout.

Stop! Stop this madness and think about using your subconscious brain, which is hugely greater in capacity, functions, computing power and overall capability to everything you wish for easily and without mistakes or excess stress.

The story of ‘High Performance After Burnout’ moves on from the healing aspect. During twenty years of studying burnout and neuroscience, I discovered the real way forward to high performance after hitting the wall of my inner or subconscious protection and survival intelligence.

I unravelled many centres of intelligence unfamiliar to me beforehand. I had worked with my intuition from my earliest childhood recollections. I had no idea of its potential power or that in following my intuition, I was accessing high performance thinking that in later years mystified and irritated my competitors.

My research into stress and burnout revealed many centres of intelligence within the subconscious brain/mind.

The outcome has been to develop conscious control of the enormously powerful subconscious mind so that I can explain to others how to achieve high performance without high stress.

In this book I offer an alternative solution. It is one that is growing in company boardrooms and across the domain of the highest sports stars.

The solution is to use the conscious brain/mind to take care of the forward planning and management of desired goals and then instruct the unimaginably powerful subconscious brain (where there is no stress) to do the heavy lifting of high performance.

The most striking benefit is the fact there are no stresses or stressors in the subconscious mind. This book has much to tell you about high performance thinking.

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It is neither scary nor rocket science. It has been broken down to easy to master modules and thinking strategies designed to develop what you do with your brain already. After that your future performance can be amazing.

High Performance After Burnout  by Robert P Denton  available at

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