High Performance After Burnout

Robert Denton’s new book.

High Performance After Burnout

Available at amazon.com and Payot English book shop Geneva.

Stress, high stress, overwhelming stress and burnout have already reached staggering levels. This is mainly at the level of management, but can touch domestic situations and education also.

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Those who become the victims of stress are the unseen and largely unheard army of capable, intelligent people in responsible positions. Denton says, “Be clear; overwhelming stress and burnout wrecks lives and careers.”

Current solutions barely touch the cause, the symptoms or the aftermath.

Few suffers of burnout properly work their way out of this fast growing problem, one that industry does not know what to do about.

High Performance After Burnout explains solutions developed by Robert Denton who managed his own companies before burnout stopped him in his tracks in 1989.

Because there was little knowledgeable help at the time; he took his condition more seriously; realising his healing was largely in his own hands.

This book ‘High performance After Burnout’ tells how he found yoga, meditation, relaxation, sport and exercise  as only temporally helpful.

Denton says, “The only real solution is to take the pressure off the overloaded conscious brain.” He also says, “We can do this by getting the infinitely more powerful subconscious brain to do the heavy lifting by taking the strain of  powerful performmance thinking.

About the author:

As a young entrepreneur Robert P. Denton was motivated to create his own group of companies. Twenty five years of hard work and the stresses of success developed to the point of life and career changing burnout.

Denton understood he had no option but to let go.  Despite facing a wall of overwhelming resistance, he had to start his life over but how?

The answer came within his inerest in his body’s innate healing system and how the brain and mind work. Then came years of study at his home in Genève, to fully understand burnout and how it happens.

To start with progress was slow. Then he began to open the doors of recognising  the power of subconscious thinking that happens when he worked with the way the brain likes working best.

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