The Big Question- Losing-Weight

The Big Question- LosingWeight

As described in Robert Denton’s new book – High Performance After Burnout – available at; for many years all sorts of subconscious mind, high performance strategies have been put to the test.

Many of these strategies are based on the same or similar structure. That is the way the brain/mind likes to work best for a particular outcome. Such structures have taken years of detailed testing and analysis to understand.

Once the base structures were mastered, then many goal types could be quickly designed and put into action.Catalina web page

Aeroplanes can fly because they use the same basic strategy that birds have used for longer than we humans have been on this planet.  High Performance brain strategies fly because they follow the strategies the brain likes best in the way it likes to perform.

Some goals or outcomes have very special and quite unique base structures. Nonetheless; a pattern has emerged as to how to approach the choosing and design of any specific structure strategy.

One structure has remained elusive. Yes that old chestnut of weight loss. There can be many reasons for gaining weight. All seem to be linked to hormone imbalances, which are more than capable of soul destroying weight gain even if on a light diet.Tètras-lyre images

Then; yes; there is the Yo-yo effect that really makes many people ask the question why they bother to keep trying. However the Holy Grail of a slim sexy body is so alluring, there is no end to the search or what people  will put themselves through.

In the book High Performance after Burnout; Robert Denton explains a number of the centres of intelligence within the brain/ mind.

These centres of intelligence are mind processes you use daily but you have little idea of their presence or their power.

Intuition, telepathy and emotional intelligence may be familiar but how well and how often do you use them to their full potential?

Then there is your innate healing intelligence. This intelligence manages your entire body 14/7. It fixes pretty well most of your health issues before you are aware of them.

What about your 7th sense survival and protection intelligence. This subconscious intelligence keeps you out of serious trouble when you are sailing too close to the wind and at serious risk. It functions via your intuitive and telepathic intelligence centres.

Then there is your subconscious ambition intelligence. This intelligence centre carries performance instructions you likely chose when you were too young to have any idea what you were doing. They are essentially double edged sword goals, which can be immensely powerful in a positive or a limiting way. Subconscious ambitions are activated by your implicit brain, which is the action part of your thinking processes. If you have decided to do something and then after when it all went pear shaped you asked why on earth you did that, well; that was the result of a negative subconscious ambition.

If you have ever wondered why you have so much trouble achieving goals, especially the ones you really would like to master; your limiting subconscious ambitions are invariably the Cuckoo in the nest that kicks them out before they become fledglings.

Well; because sustained weigh loss is related to hormone control, if that control is related or even directly driven by your subconscious ambitions, then there are mountains to climb that can never be scaled by normal methods.

Sustained, balanced eight loss without the yo-yo effect is difficult by any standard or method known to date.

Neuro-fault Protection has been working of this issue for several years with little positive results. However it now looks as though a breakthrough has been made. This is said with the caveat of further analysis of longer term results and sustainability. So watch this space.

Quote. Any fool can know the point is to understand.

The Big Question- Losing-Weight by neuro-fault Protection

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