High Performance After Burnout

High Performance After Burnout
Fix the Stress before the Damage is Done.

This new book about not just surviving burnout but also how Robert Denton turned around the devastation of all he had known including his businesses, is now available in paperback and e-Book on amazon.com

Read how Robert Denton discovered there is no stress in subconscious intelligence. He says, “I discovered meditation, yoga, intensive sport and things like laughing hilariously, displaces stress. The problem is as soon as you stop these activities the stress simply returns.”HPA_Axis_Diagram_(Brian_M_Sweis_2012)

Through 20 years of studying the brain/mind and meditation against the effects of burnout, Denton found an amazing solution to this problem that led to not just regaining control of his life but also how to achieve high performance in anything you want and focus on. He says the best part is that anyone can do this because it is simply a development of how we use the brain already.

Roberts’s most profound message is “Learn to use your brain and subconscious intelligence for high performance and Fix the Stress before the Damage is Done.

Read High Performance and open your mind to a truly amazing discovery that can also change your life so long as you are prepared to think in a completely different way.

To access this book go to http://www.amazon.com  > Books > High Performance after Burnout > Author > Robert P. Denton.

Available at Amazon.com now and will be available in your book shops by October 10th 2015

Read the sample exerts on Amazon and you will know you have to read the entire book and tell your friends to do the same.

High Performance After Burnout
Fix the Stress before the Damage is Done.

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