Power Performance

Monday 17th November 2014

Powerful Performance.

All posts are linked to the legend, history and continuing story of the Ice Dragon Power and Henry Barton-Jones, the new Ice Dragon Master

Powerful Performance.Tango Dragon header

The more I write the Ice Dragon legend stories at:  www.icedragonpress.com  and:  www.tangodragon.com   – the more I am aware that within each book or even each of these blog posts there is a hidden message about performance without the stress that kills us.

In this post I set out an important message for all to read, yet there is much more to understand lying beneath the surface.

Those interested in developing their own Powerful Performance, will take the trouble to understand.

For the past 25years I have been studying what makes Powerful Performance, and when it happens.

Although it has been a long journey, the conclusion is nothing ground breaking or extraordinary, nonetheless, there is something quite extraordinary about it.

First of all Powerful Performance is something we all do from time to time, but mostly we do not notice or/and, we waste it because we are not paying attention.

Thus, nothing more complex than awareness seems to be the key to repeating Powerful Performance.

Of course, now I mentioned this fact you will immediately think – but of course, I know that. – Yes of course you do, but see later what Albert Einstein has to say about knowing.

Furthermore in my study of how the brain likes to work at its best, it became apparent that learning to develop awareness of our own Powerful Performance strategies is a relatively simple process.

In the previous post about opportunity, and the question of accusation and blame, I mentioned how the act of blaming others has a bad influence on self performance.

The roots of success are imbedded in understanding our own mistakes as well as other people’s. The lesson is in how not to reinvent the wheel of what does not work very well.

When we blame others for what we have more responsibility for than our egos like to accept, (the prime cause of all de-motivation, arguments and even wars) is how we fail to understand the lesson, therefore we reinvent them for the next opportunity to change poor or average performance for Powerful Performance.

When we don’t understand – unconsciously we mess-up again.

Albert Einstein said: “Any fool can know. The point is understanding.

It is understanding that makes the difference.”Quote. Any fool can know the point is to understand.

Henry Barton-Jones the hero of Tango Dragon and the Asteroid achieves Powerful Performance because his gift is to work at the highest level of unconscious awareness. I would like to hear from anyone who has worked this out and how.

In previous blog posts I have explained how the incredible things Henry is capable of doing, are all achievable in our own unique way, if only we can develop awareness to a far greater level.

When Powerful Performance happens, it is a stream of thinking performance and action so aligned with an objective and conclusion it cannot help but to win. It is always incredible to watch if not frightening to analyse afterwards.

Therefore, brutal self honesty and crystal clear awareness of what we want and why is  certainly one important key to achieving Powerful Performance.

In the story Tango Dragon and the Asteroid, Henry Barton-Jones finds himself in a state of emotional turmoil that could easily lead to a fatal error.

Henry if fighting with a situation that touches his most profound aspirations. His Friend Captain Jean-Pierre Roux explains the obvious, which Henry’s thinking is blind to, simply because he has not yet understood.

The story of Tango Dragon and the Asteroid explains and helps us understand this important issue that must touch all our lives on many occasions, in our private and career lives especially in leadership.

Tango Dragon and the Asteroid is available at: www.tangodragon.com/RobertDenton    www.amazon.com   www.icedragonpress.com   Barnes and Noble book shops.

Breaking Through the Wall.

Share this legend, stories and life experiences with your children, family, friends and colleagues.

Remember the legend of the Ice Dragon Master and the forgotten power is a living energy, alive and well today.

Within these posts and the actual books are ancient also modern secrets of life, which if you recognise them, they may help you to create the success and the future you dream of or you simply never considered you were capable of achieving.

Checkout the earlier posts on the who’s who of the Ice Dragon stories. This will help you to get a feel of the characters, many of which are reflections of real people I have encountered during my life.

View the video.  Click here.       http://youtu.be/46hPrv1mDxQ

Why not buy a copy of Tango Dragon and the Asteroid and enter the remarkable world of the legend and forgotten power of the Ice Dragon.

Signed and dedication by the author.

Maybe you would like to have an author signed and dedicated edition of either paperback or hardcover format for yourself or as a super gift for a loved one or a good friend.

Especially if you want to impress someone special, the dedicated book is a sign you really made a special effort to do something a little different.

Tango Dragon and the Asteroid is available from Amazon.com and from Barnes and Noble shops. Also for all formats and particularly the autographed and dedicated book, please go to www.icedragonpress.com   There you will find all the details of how to order and pay for this wonderful gift.

The words Powerful Performance will remind you to stay focused and always aim to be the winner.

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