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Neuro-fault Protection


Have you noticed that many people reach mostly their mid 40s also up to their late 50s when they start looking for their special passion and mission in life?

They begin to reject what they have been doing for the past twenty or thirty years, with a feeling like they are wasting their time doing what they are doing.

Many feel they must move, change, find their real purpose and it is a powerful feeling that does not go away.

Why do you think this happens to hundreds of thousands if not more people in the west alone each year? It happens all over the world.

It happens because they have a strong intuitive calling.

The problem is mostly we look in the wrong place or direction.

We look outside and around us at the thousands of possible ways of finding our true calling, passion, mission or purpose.

We drive ourselves crazy for years looking and cannot see what is literally staring us in the face.

We do not see because we do not have the eyes to see what we are already doing or thinking of doing but do not trust it because we have an impression of something bright, shiny and fantastic.

We do not have the eyes to see and the thinking to now that with a little change we already have something so absorbing, so bright and fantastic, we will have difficulty to put it down to give a little space for other important things in our lives.

So we bury it alive and live a life of discontent doing something our career coach thinks is best suited for us.

The place to find this gift is in our emotional intelligence. Oh yes, after 600,000 years of human evolution, emotional intelligence EI is now being recognized as more important than IQ and more important than all the qualifications so many people chase for a fantastic career but never find inner happiness or peace.

This is the brain/mind function I have named UNCONSCIOUS AMBITION.

In studying this problem my conclusion is that when we were young we had ideas to do the very thing we eventually find ourselves doing in later years.

But for parents, teachers, peers or other negative pressure groups who could not see or know we had a hidden gift or talent. All it needed was encouragement and a little positive guidance to see us on our way to a life time of enjoying being superbly creative and enjoying an inner joy of living and feeling we are in the right place at the right time.

Some people say, “Oh yes destiny.”

If destiny exists, by inference of the word it means absolute and no possibility of changing it. One characteristic of Unconscious Ambition is that we can change it.

The question is: How smart is it to do that?

By experience we see that Unconscious ambition so often gets buried alive. This alone is the cause of a massive amount of stress. When we bury our unconscious ambitions we are constantly al log-ahead with life. therefore our stress levels will rise easily and quickly.

Oh yes, Unconscious Ambition comes from the same place as our emotional centre. Someone important said, “Emotions are alive and are desperately trying to pass on a vital message. When we ignore those messages it is like burying them alive.”

I feel it is tragic to think of the thousands or millions of people who never find their purpose and passion in life to give back to the universe something uniquely special they and only they have.

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