Sometimes the Going is Tough

2014 Sept 23nd

Sometimes the Going is Tough

The stories about the Ice Dragon and the Master began in January 2012 when the Ice Dragon appeared for the first time after a long period of 2,000 years.


All the characters are special and very real for me and I make every effort to tell you all about each one of them.


There is the beautiful Charlotte, the hero Henry Barton-Jones retired MI-6 agent, Tom, his old CIA partner, Captain Jean-Pierre Roux, the gorgeous and sexy Jessica, and her twin sister the stunning Samantha. These two are always full of surprises.


Then there is Ricardo Bettencourt, the brilliant, genius villain with an incredible capability to slip away. With his diplomatic passport he can be untouchable by Interpol.


There are many more characters, each with their special qualities.Tango Dragon header


Like Sergeant Major Teddy Marshall, retired British SAS instructor.


Charlotte said, “don’t be fooled, that man is no one’s teddy-bear. He can eat you me and two grizzly bears for breakfast and still not burp.”


All this is so you get to know them better and then perhaps they come alive for you too.


The books and stories are thrillers so yes, much of it is fiction. But, as one reader said, “there is myth, fiction and fact and it is difficult to spot the boundaries or know when myth is more real than the truth we are told is true.”


One of these characters could be your boss, neighbour, a friend, even your partner.


Because many of these events are state secrets they never talk about their hidden life.


Now I have a request because there are a lot of you out there who seem to appreciate these posts I put up each day about the Ice Dragon and the Ice Dragon Master.


I know you are there because my website statistics say you are. There can between 150 and more than 300 of you on a good day who visit this site and the majority visit every day or two.


So I know you are there also I realise you probably don’t want to show yourselves because you fear being pestered with direct marketing.


If you visit regularly or just once, it would be nice to have a ‘like’ and a smiling face, otherwise it gets a little lonely sitting here writing for you. It would be nice to meet you, even if just a smiling face.

It is so nice when I see a ‘like’ it gives me the feeling I am doing somethng .

To acquire an author signed paperback or hard back copy of Tango Dragon and the Asteroid, contact the author, Robert Denton at:

N.B.    If you live in or near Geneva, Switzerland you can pay for and pick up your signed book personally. Just send a message indicating which book you want to henry.bartonbjones@gmail and we will send how to do that.

Paperback $26.- plus postage
Why not spoil yourself  or someone you care for with a Hardback edition and its beautifully designed dust cover  $46.- plus postage.

You will receive information on payment. Internet payment and mailing facilities are being set up, until then we will treat your request with every care.

Tango Dragon and the Asteroid is also available at: and check out the different options of the book Tango Dragon and the Asteroid. This is the third story after Henry discovers his new life as the new Ice Dragon Master.

Why not buy the EBook, or a paperback edition. It is available on Amazon with special offers and get a copy of the beautifully bound hardback edition.

It looks great on your coffee table and will fascinate your friends. You’ll see they will all want to read it. That is especially when you tell them it contains real life secrets of success also a beautiful romantic symbol.

Otherwise go to your local Barnes & Noble book shops, or any bookshop, either they will have it in stock or they will be pleased to order it for you. 

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