Change Thinking for a New Age

2014 Sept 22nd

Change Thinking for a New Age

In the thrilling sequel to Robert Denton’s Ice Dragon series, “Tango Dragon and the Asteroid” (published by Balboa Press), an asteroid is headed for collision with the earth and NASA‘s plan to protect the planet is hijacked by a brilliant terrorist killer. Readers revisit the lives of characters Henry, Ricardo and Charlotte in this thrilling take on apocalyptic fiction.

Tango Drago 2014-06-07

In “Tango Dragon and the Asteroid,” on her honeymoon with Henry in France’s second city of Toulouse, Charlotte’s plans to take lessons to dance the tango go seriously awry.


Ricardo is mad at Henry for thwarting his plans of massive extortion in a worldwide scheme. Although in hiding from Interpol he follows them to Toulouse where he makes an assassination attempt on Charlotte.


Contacting his old CIA Partner in New York for back-up support, Henry discovers their tango school is a cover for a private combat-training facility run by an ex-British SAS commando who turns out to be an old acquaintance of Charlotte’s.


With thoughts of Charlott’s past occupying his mind, the hunt for Ricardo suddenly focuses all Henry’s attention.


A dangerous cat and mouse game begins where Ricardo desperately gets personally involved in a second attempt on their lives.


Without warning Charlotte takes things into her own hands and loads the dice of confusion and mayhem by setting up a meeting with Ricardo, which turns into a deadly situation.


While Henry and a local Toulouse police captain think they have Ricardo on the run, Charlotte’s plans activate an undercover manhunt.


In a psychopathic mind game, Ricardo takes control of their lives deviously binding Henry and Charlotte into another grotesque but daring blackmail scheme to bleed $380 billion from the world’s governments and walk away scot-free.


“Educated people are no longer shocked or frightened of the unusual, bizarre or the incredibly dangerous. Our daily expectation is news of another grotesque act of barbarism and devastation,” Robert Denton.


Eliminating one more architect of savagery by a drone launched missile or daring mission by elite military forces, is no longer a solution as another immediately takes control or the terrorist group divides to become even more dangerous.


We are now learning how we have to use the power of the collective mind and unseen powerful energy to maintain the fight of good against evil and relative peace amongst forces of chaos.”


The thread of the Ice Dragon stories is that while we are progressing in modern innovation in a technologically advanced society, nothing actually changes as we drag the age-old story of belief driven wars and terrorism with us.


While the fight goes on Henry finds his old ways of dealing with his foes have moved on in a technologically evolving age.


About the Aurthor.


As a young forester, Robert Denton was motivated to create his own group of companies. Twenty-five years later the stresses turned to life and career-changing burnout for Denton.


Read the Ice Dragon stories to find out how much you feel these stories are fiction and what parts are based on his real life experiences? Did Denton have a secret life now showing itself in these stories?
When his own life was invaded by an inner terrorist of stress and burnout and turned to chaos, he felt he had no option but  to let go of outdated behaviours. Intuitively he knew the only way to succeed was to start his life over was to change his thinking, but how to do that.


The answer came on a stormy night outside a remote mountain chalet; Denton stood facing the Ice Dragon. Since then his purpose and passion has been in researching an ancient energy force and writing about the Ice Dragon Power and Henry Barton-Jones the new Ice Dragon master.

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