Okay, I admit that I am troubled.

2014 Sept 19th

Okay, I admit that I am troubled.

This Neuro-fault Protection weblog is meant to share information about high performance thinking also mind strategies that prevent stress from spoiling lives.

Three days ago I intuitively posted a story about the Ice Dragon Power and the Ice Dragon Master.

The neurofaultprotection E-mail box is flooded with requests for more.  This is great and fantastic but what about the stress issue?

So here you are the latest post – you will also find it with the video and all the other posts at http://www.tangodragon.com


The Birth of an Ice Dragon

Perhaps it is time to recall how the Ice Dragon Power was created.Tango Drago 2014-06-07

The full story will be published it is hoped within the next year.

Originally the Ice Dragon Power was created by three young men who had been forced into the War Lord Pucut’s rabble army.

At great risk of being capture and slowly tortured until death, they escaped while on a raiding party in an area believed to be now know as north or north east China.

They moved north through what were know as the bad-lands until they came to the foot of a small mountain range.

A shallow river flowed across a stony river bed. This gave them much needed water and fish to feed their starving bodies.

Here they decided to rest, and then they built a stone hut to protect themselves from the cold and persistent winds.

From this simple hut grew a great citadel that became so rich the War Lord Pucut could not resist but to attack. He moved his entire ary thousands of miles to capture this great prize.

The Trap was ready. The three young men had planned the total annihilation of Pucut and his entire rabble army. Now it was about to happen. Tensions mounted.

Pucut came with 10,000 drums pounding so the ground and the citadel shook as they marched through the massive gates.

Now the the three waited to spring their trap.

Pucut had ridden his massive black horse right into the heart of the town. There was only one way out.

The three companions and the habitants of the citadel forfeited their own lives to destroy the greatest evil that existed at that time.

Finally as the cloud of dust was blown away, high in the sky the soul energy of over 100,000 that died that day, rose to be seen only by one lone soldier.

As he looked in amazement from afar, he saw thousands of stars form the shape of the famous Ice Dragon Diamond found in the quarry opened to build the citadel.

That young man was destined to be the first Ice Dragon Master, starting a dynasty that would last for 4,000 years before it was broken.

Now after a gap of 2,000 years, there is a new Ice Dragon Master. His name is Henry Barton-Jones.

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