Why Unconscious Ambition

Why Unconscious Ambition?  –

Monserrat Palace – This started its existance as a drab house until someone with a crazy idea with ambition changed it into a palace fit for a king.

Palace of Peon – This statred life as a small monastry on a hilltop until someone had a crazy ambitious idea turned it into a Kings palace.

People will go to have their Tarrow cards read or have someone look at the palm of their hand and say some nonsense about their DESTINY.

Oh please, heavens above help us. These things are sheer lunacy. Now let’s not jump to the wrong conclusions about the above. I had a Gypsy woman walk into my office. She did not read my cards or look at my hand she simply told me three things then asked for some money. What she said was so off the wall I considered it worth a few shillings she asked for. I did not do a thing or take any action concerning what she said. Within one month all three things she predicted would happen came true without exception.

If you have read any of my articles you will know I use intuitive intelligence constantly and strongly recommend everyone learns to use this amazing unconscious guiidance, knowledable support or whatever else you may wish to call it. What sticks in my throat is the nonsense spoken about destiny. Destiny is no more that a concept of what someone believes.

The concept of a destiny, which mistakenly people believe is written in stone, is a route to frustration, depression and possibly leading to a total loss of belief in oneself or ones luck. Believing in a given destiny is like standing on a bomb. It does not go bang as you expect it to. What it does is to slowly lower you into a deep hole of feeling you missed the boat or something like that when this so called destiny does not arrive.

Now let us look at unconscious ambition.

Unconscious ambition is something you create yourself. No it’s not goal building or any similar mumbo-jumbo. Unconscious ambition is changeable according to your changing needs. If what you have chosen some time ago is still good that’s just great – so leave it alone and stick with it if it has not yet materialized. Unlike goal building, unconscious ambition is something you really do want for you and you may not know why it is so important. It does not matter how crazy it is. The more people that laugh at you the better you can rely on it happening. Some of you may remember that crazy young man who sold pop music. He told himself and then told the world that he wanted to start an airline flying Jumbo jets across the Atlantic with rock bottom prices. Oh boy, did the pundits and journalists have a field day. They laugh at him, and they laughed and laughed. When the major airlines realised he was serious they tried to destroy him. Because his ambition was so great and so off the wall and he took no notice of the laughing or the knives in the back – he succeeded. Yes I am talking about Sir Richard Branson and Virgin airlines one of the few air lines that actually makes a steady profit.

Forget the belief in destiny that is writ in stone. Start making your own luck and future by believing in yourself and what you really want and the crazier the better. But don’t sit on your back side and hope. Start working your intuitive intelligence. Start working out the detail of how you can make this crazy idea work. It is possibly going to take effort and likely a lot of sweat and blood to make it happen. When you use the unconscious power of the mind to work out the detail you will be amazed at what you are capable of doing. Just take a look at Branson, Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci. No – no – no you do not have to be a genius to use your intuitive intelligence. You just have to be human, learn to master you intuition and you may one day you too will become a genius.

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