Delete Stressors before they Delete You

Delete Stressors before they Delete You

Yesterday I posted an article on  about the importance of learning to delete the awareness of time, distance and managing good sleep tactics.

The point of developing these mind power capabilities, which everyone has the power to use, is all to do with strategies to improve your quality of life also your performance without increasing stress.


Why have a life that looks like a crash site when you can do so much better?

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Now isn’t this much better? You see, it’s all about how you think.











Maintaining or even improving performance in life sport or at work invariably means paying the price of higher stress. While we might like to blame the local authority, the neighbours, the police or the boss for the stressors or stresses in our lives, when you boil it down to the bare bones it is us that causes ourselves to become stressed. The local municipality forces us to do something we do not want to do, so we activate our stress centres. The neighbours create noise we do not like, so we cause ourselves to become stressed. The police fine us for speeding, so we cause ourselves to become stressed, and so on. Yes the council, neighbours and the police have authority to do something that annoys us. The crucial thing is that we choose to react with anger, resentment, aggression, fear or some other negative stress emotion, and that is what starts the stress or raises our existing stress thus causing the adrenal glands to pump more cortisol into our blood stream.

Now this is the connection between deleting the awareness of time, distance and sleep disruption. The way we delete awareness of anything can be used for may negative issues in our lives and that is how we improve performance. All those things like really long journeys or sleep deprivation are our very own self induced stressors. This is to say a long journey is stressful because that is how we perceive it. For someone who wants to escape all the stressors in their life, they might like a long journey. The longer the better so they can avoid all the things they cannot do while travelling. This is how quickly perception can change our emotions. This is how clever parents change an unhappy or disruptive mood of a troublesome child. Just remind them of all the disadvantages of the alternative and all the advantages of accommodating what is going on.

Now you know how the mind works, let me remind you of the most used anti-stress programs. Forceful exercising, running around in circles on a rolling mat, cycling to nowhere or rowing in a gym or long distance running. Well apart from the stress of boring you to death the experts now say these exercises shorten our lives also they lead to increasing the storage of fat cells in the long term, ooops. Okay so you go to the doctor for anti-depressants that ruin your pleasure of life and possibly get you hooked into another dependency drug, oh ooops.

Right so there is yoga, martial arts and meditation. Yes these are great self disciplines; the only problem is they help the symptoms and not the cause. So given a little time to get back into the flow of our daily routine, then stress climbs right back into the saddle and gives us a vicious kick in stress regions to remind us who is really in charge, oh no ooops again.

You see, it’s like this. Just as you can delete the awareness of time, distance or avoid sleep disruption, you can also delete the awareness of your stressors. We do this by deleting stressors in a dynamic way so unlike antidepressants you are not only able to enjoy life and perform well but you can actually raise your performance because you are no longer burning so much mental energy battling the stress cortisol that is constantly flooding your brain and body.

You know what to do. That is right; write to:   to find out how you too can do all this anti-stress mind power stuff.

If you missed the article Deleting time, go to:

There is a two day MindPower and Neuro-fault Protection training coming up 26 -27 June 2014 in Geneva. For details write to

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