Stop Stress

Stop Stress

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The Neuro-fault Protection key to managing stress is to stop it before it does its damage. If you read my previous weblog (What Makes Great Movers and Shakers?) you will have seen that unconscious ambition created goals are the ones that work and goals created in the conscious mind are the ones that fail. This is a why 80% to 95% of all new businesses fail in one to three years. That is the time it takes them to run out of money or be declared bankrupt. Follow this mind pattern and it becomes apparent that people create goals with stressful conscious thinking to solve stressful problems. If you focus on your stressors you just get more stress. The trick is to focus on the right or appropriate solution and not the more stress solution. Like; “I cannot find a job.” (Stress) “I have a wife and family to support.” (Added stress) “I have a mortgage to pay or the rent to pay.” (Oh no, even more stress.) “I know, I’ll start my own business.” This is conscious ambition stress thinking out of a stressed mindset. See previous weblog on unconscious ambition. Those goals are doomed to fail because they are created through stressful thinking and therefore stress contaminated right through. Consequentially they simply add to you existing stress level both in the short and long term.

So how do we stop stress before it does the damage that is so capable of propagating itself? The answer comes in two parts.

First; we create a mind barrier, which uses the power of the unconscious mind to automatically recognise any stressors the barrier is designed to stop. This is exactly the same as activating an automatic spell check on your computer as you write. The computer memory recognises immediately when a word does not correspond to its dictionary, therefore it blocks the error, replacing it with the desired spelling. The unconscious mind does this all the time throughout our lives. So all we have to do is install a new specific command into our unconscious mind to do something extra we want it to do automatically (habitually).

Second; now your unconscious mind has stopped stressors triggering all that cortisol that poisons your brain and organs also domineering both conscious and unconscious stressful thinking and mind fog, you can resume your focus on your true ambition and then devote your energy into unconscious ambition goals that will work. (QED, no stress just success.)

To know more about recognising and developing unconscious ambition and What Makes Great Movers and Shakers, contact Robert Denton at:

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