What Makes Great Movers and Shakers?

What Makes Great Movers and Shakers?


The answer is ambition, but not what might first come to mind.



Let me take you back to the moment of your creation. Whether a conscious plan or momentary passion we were all created via a complex route fraught with hazards. From that first life spark we had unconscious ambition albeit in the form of a fertilized egg driven to manifest its secrets. The first ambition is to grow into a baby ready for entering this world as a free individual. The second fundamental ambition is grow to be like our parents and do as they do. I’ll spare you the detail of the progressive ambitions of crawling, standing, walking, running, etc.

Now you may be thinking, but that is the same as setting goals. This is not the case, but let me explain. In the beginning goals are something we consciously think about, and are something specific and very much in the conscious mind or the creation of the prefrontal brain region. Well, yes, but that is just a small part of the story

The more I look into how the mind works it appears that may not be the case, which incidentally is connected to why so many goals fail. Ambition is something much more profound, which may have a particular form, yet open to continuous development beyond strict guidelines. There are goals, which succeed and those that drift into oblivion. Goals that work are almost certainly generated within our unconscious ambition. In this case they are moulded and fine tuned beyond our awareness in the unconscious mind. The next step is as they pass into our conscious awareness via our intuitive intelligence channels of communication. If we fail to follow such new conscious awareness of these ideas they may wither and die sooner or later. We have to be careful because even intuitive inspiration has a shelf life. If we miss the boat because we are too preoccupied with frivolities then we have missed the boat. Remember that tide and time waits for no man. Honouring our inherent unconscious ambition is in seizing the moment at the moment.

It is well known that many children growing up in oppressive or strict environments can have their unconscious and conscious ambitions crushed by parents, school teachers or peers who have little or no awareness of the child’s potential for creative greatness.

There are conscious and unconscious ambitions, and genius or great movers or shakers, and there are the herd dedicated to doing no more than the heard does. We are all born with unconscious ambition, and what happens in our formative years determines whether our unconscious ambitions are encouraged to grow and prosper or they are crushed or simply allowed to wither and die on stony ground trampled on by the herd mentality.

The route begins with unconscious ambitions for freedom and individuality. The dangers first appear when we begin to evolve into a state of consciously making decisions about whom we spend our time with, and on what we focus our thoughts and attention. This is the moment we have the opportunity to follow deep unconscious ambitions with the knowledge of the universal field of energy and information. Otherwise, we may choose to be seduced by our peers to follow the flock of sheep-like thinking dedicated to little other than the frivolities of fashionable sparkle and noise. This is why it is so important to know ourselves, our secret dreams and intuitive ambitions and never allow anything or anyone to shake our confidence to achieve those things. The moment of achievement of ambitions may come as a child prodigy or some other time throughout life. Even into our senior years we may have one domineering ambition or an evolving ambition. If ambition is not fully developed until later years it may indicate that all the necessary resources take more than just a few years to collect. What is clearer than ever, is there are so many distractions to divert us from our true ambition. Therefore, we all need as much help as we can get no matter what time of life, to know ourselves at this profound level before we begin to make serious decisions about what we devote the rest of our time and life energy to.

Thus, to come back to the title of this weblog (What Makes Great Movers and Shakers?) graet movers and shakers are the small number of people who have been taught to recognise and follow their unconscious ambition or the ones who naturally and habitually follow it.

To know more about recognising and developing unconscious ambition and What Makes Great Movers and Shakers, contact Robert Denton at:  neurofaultprotection@gmail.com

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