DYSLEXIA is Part of Everyone

DYSLEXIA is Part of Everyone


Dyslexia is part of everyone’s life. It is part of your life. If you think you are quite normal or about average you could have an interesting surprise one day. If you are a high performer the chances are that you are dyslexic in one form or another.

If you are a genius or geek, you are almost certainly dyslexic. I have concluded most of the big movers and shakers in this world that I have analysed, are dyslexic whether they know it secretly or are open about like Sir Richard Branson the star entrepreneur, Jamie Oliver the star chef and others.

STOP!      The world sees dyslexia as an impediment only because they cannot see what is staring them in the face. They are looking at a condition as a problem with eyes conditioned to see problems.

STOP! CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION. Would you recognise genius if it slapped you in the face?

Someone wrote something like this:

Reality is what we take to be true.
What we take to be true is what we believe.
What we believe is based on our perceptions.
What we perceive depends on what we observe.
What we observe depends on our preferences.
What we prefer depends on how we think.
What we think depends on how we perceive.
How we perceive depends on what we believe.
What we believe determines what we take to be true.
What we take to be true is our reality.

Instead of looking at dyslexics as a disability observe their genius.

We all believe and percieve carbon is black but there is another truth and reality, but we have to have our eyes opened to see it. Take a look at this video then reflect on everything you believe to be true in particular how what you believe about dyslexia can be so terribly wrong. What lie, false belief, false perception or false truth is your genius being stifled by?

Have you ever had the feeling you can do so much more, but something invisible or a veil is keeping it from fully coming to your mind?

Yes it takes effort to change beliefs, perceptions even redundant behaviours. Yes it is difficult to observe what is hidden behind false illusions.

The world is awash with marketing messages that are carefully crafted to create or perpetuate false illusions.

For example;  powerful industries want you to believe that wheat, bread and milk products are the staples of life and good health. The emerging truth is far from their message. Medical science has known for decades that these so called healthy foods actually cause internal body inflammation, which is slowly killing us by damaging your immune system. If you eat bread two or three times a day it is difficult to change only because of habitual behaviours and the inability to see what else you can put in your body that will nourish you, particularly helping to reduce inflammation.

In modern neuro-science it is well known that everyone is unique. Everyone is different physically and mentally. Each of us is a different as all the hundreds of billions of snowflakes that fall in every corner, valley or mountain around the world there are no two alike.

So is dyslexia a curse or a blessing? The answer is; it depends entirely on what you do with your unique way your brain works.

There is one important stipulation or caveat.

We have to be careful to define clearly between dyslexia and mental illnesses. This is the curse of so many dyslexics that they have been classified as mentally defective. The truth is quite the opposite. In cases of dyslexia that also have a dominant mental illness, yes, ensuring that person has a full and productive life is going to be difficult to say the least.

One woman I interviewed 40 years ago was one of the above group. She simply could not be allowed out on her own. She was oblivious of the dangers of electricity, traffic and could not care for herself in any practical way. At the same time she was a mathematical genius capable of resolving complex equations in her head as the equation was being presented. She could read or write with difficulty but was able to produce a complex maths answer immediately after the question had been put to her. She was written off as no use to the world of mathematics or science because she could not explain the root or path of her genius.

I recall at school in the 1950s and early 1960s how often my class mates, whom I later discovered were dyslexic, would get the answers to their maths exams correct but could not clearly show how they achieved that. They were consequently accused of cheating and given no marks for the effort and correct answer. The fact they were the only ones to get those answers right in the whole class, severely questioned any idea of cheating. In those days few teachers knew anything about dyslexia. Therefore instead of helping those pupils to understand how their genius worked they were put down and handed a massive disincentive. Many of those boys found their own genius and turned into successful entrepreneurs.

This final point is the key to understanding that when we all learn how to think with our unconscious genius mind or as neuro-scientists often refer to it as the implicit brain we multiply our thinking and creative powers exponentially to the optimum of infinite expression. The only constraints often being available resources or budget. Example: Leonardo da Vinci invented the helicopter 500 hundred years before there was a drive source powerful enough,  small enough and light enough to make it work. He designed the helicopter but could not explain the engine that would one day power it into the skies.

Neuro-fault Protection and Neuro-Performance Plus are the methods developed at MindPower Recognition to access the explicit brain using the languages and protocols that unlock the genius held in that part of the brain.

DYSLEXIA is part of everyone, when we understand this we can beging to see our own genius. The only question worth asking is; Do you have the courage to open your eyes to what is staring you in the face?


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