The Cost of Performance Thinking.

 The Cost of Performance Thinking.

It is your choice: You can join the crown of dreamers or you can start by going for a test drive the realising you can do this.

It is your choice: You can join the crown of dreamers or you can start by going for a test drive then realising you can do this.

I have people come to me who say:

“I wanted to contact you months if not years ago but I was frightened you would be so expensive that I could not afford it.”

“What made you finally contact me,” I ask.

“I became desperate because I have tried yoga, meditation and other mind trainings, but they don’t work,” they usually say.

One person said, “I saw an advert for coaching that said, ‘so you think a qualified coach is expensive. Wait until you hire an amateur.’ “I had read all your weblogs and realised you were so open and knowledgeable you had to be expensive. The advert was right I had paid a lot of money for stuff that mostly lasted for minutes or perhaps hours then it had gone. So I plucked up the courage to contact you. I was amazed to find your fees were so reasonable. Since then, not only has Neuro-fault Protection changed my life but I have been kicking myself for waiting so long. Now I have learnt so much about my brain/mind/thinking, I realise how I thought I was smart but was actually listening to mostly by negative inner voice and just holding myself back.”

Another person said. “Why don’t you publicise your fees. I am sure it would make so much difference to so many people?”

I explained the reason why is that first I do this work because I suffered so much, just like so many millions of other people before I began studying neurosciences. Second: for many people, working with their mind is scary only because of old false and redundant limiting beliefs and I want people to come to me when they feel they are ready. They learn faster that way. Third; there is so much distorted advice available today, I want people to work with their feelings and word of mouth recommendation is so much better.

Because neuroscience became my passion in the 1980s, it was not long before I discovered also developed amazing mind strategies to do unbelievable things. I discovered how to switch them on and off as I wanted them. Now it is like tying my shoe laces. I watch others struggling to do things that I used to struggle with in business or just in my life. No one should struggle or kill themselves in order to succeed, the fact is they are and then still not succeeding.

Children should be taught these simple mind strategies at school from the age of 5 upwards. Dyslexic children, as soon as they are recognised as having learning difficulties should be taught how to understand they are different and that they have an amazing advantage not a disability. They just need the right support to help them recognise themselves and experiment in safety with their own unique emerging genius. Yes usually specialised training and coaching of this nature is expensive and that I feel is a crime.

So here you are folks. No it’s not hundreds of CHF per hour and locked into endless months of training and then all the usual extras. It is just the standard therapy charge of 130CHF per hour for a few hours or as much as you want. This, plus constant practice and your life can change remarkably. From then on so long as you keep practicing at home or in your work place testing your own brain power, it should just keep on getting better and better.

There is no commitment and certainly no pressure to buy anything. There is no hypnosis to make you do things you are worried about. You will learn a special fast meditation method that unlocks the doors to your own success. This enables you to use highly specialised mind strategies you chose and activate when and where you want them to perform for you. One-to-one or if you feel happier with a group presentation and training that is fine. There is no bearing of souls. Some people like to share experiences, which can help other people to realise they are in many respects much the same as thousands of others.

Perhaps you are fearful to get committed in training that you cannot stop. Your email address or telephone information is confidential and certainly no pestering. Contact me Robert Denton for details of what is involved at.:


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