Dyslexia and High Performance

Dyslexia and High Performance

Quote. Any fool can know the point is to understand.

The majority of the world who have encountered dyslexia in themselves or in others or a child, all too often regard it as a brain imperfection and therefore they are sub normal.

The above attitude is a terrible oversight of a hidden truth. Another truth is that a large majority of highly talented creative leaders, employers, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, etc are and have been dyslexic. Names like Leonardo da Vince, Albert Einstein and Sir Richard Branson come to mind.

So what is dyslexia? Dyslexics are people with brain wiring that processes information in a different way from the large majority of people. I write as one who found that I was dyslexic at the age of 50. I had found at school that if I studied in the manner the teachers thought appropriate, my results plummeted. When I studied in my unique way, in most subjects I was in the top 1- 5 in my class relevant to different subjects.

The worst thing I found in my own experience as above or in my 20 years of study and analysis of dyslexia, is that to force a dyslexic into thinking or studying in the manner of the accepted average norm is to destroy their own way of doing high performance.

I have recently read about a top lawyer in New York who is seriously dyslexic. During his university studies he came top of his year by following lectures and studies in his unique way. A principal strategy was to not try to take lecture notes. Part of his genius was to develop intense focus and remember every word his lecturers said. One of the advantages of this strategy was that he did not miss a word while trying to take notes. Undoubtedly his exam successes were due to his ability to recall all that was important to the lecturers. As important as this was, his incredible continued success is due to him understanding how his brain likes to work at it best.

I would like to find who this lawyer is so I can interview him and learn more about his genius thinking strategies. If anyone reading this knows his name and contact information, that would be a great help.

My conviction or conclusion is that every dyslexic person is a potential leader, high performer or even a genius.

What is the key?

  • Every dyslexic must be helped to identify what they are best at doing.
  • They must learn how their brain/mind likes to work at its best.
  • They must be encouraged to learn all about their natural thinking strategies.
  • They must be encouraged in every way to understand they have an amazing advantage over the rest of the world i.e. the average norm.
  • Follow the above to aid every dyslexic to realise their full potential.

Albert Einstein said, “Any fool can know, the point is to understand.”

How to do this?

  • Certainly find a specialist trained coach in the field developing dyslexics.
  • A coach who agrees with the above principles.
  • Preferably a coach who is themselves dyslexic. This is because they do really understand what is vitally important. (See quote Albert Einstein above.)
  • Certainly a coach who will never tell a dyslexic person how to think or what to do.
  • Always a coach who knows how to find how the person thinks best.
  • Always a coach who understands how to develop that person’s genius thinking therefore how to connect to their high performance.

MindPower Recognition’s  training programs of Neuro-fault Protection and Neuro-Performance Plus, are designed to develop people’s unique thinking strategies and qualities.

The majority of people, have in one form or another, a slight dyslexic tendency. This may be apparent as lacking of interest in a certain subject, for example at school. The solution is to change the way of their thinking about that subject. Do this in the manner the person thinks in their narrow dyslexic field and that person will instantly change their interest and performance in that specific subject. This process is commonly observed when a student’s teacher is replaced by another teacher more capable of communicating in the ideal way with that underperforming student. The student’s interest instantly rises and so therefore their performance rockets. This happens simply because for the first time they can understand. Sadly the reverse also happens. A new teacher with the wrong teaching strategies can unknowingly switch off a student’s interest and performance.

In general dyslexics are slow readers but fast thinkers. A common symptoms is their capability to leave bright people behind when searching for solutions to taxing problems. Dyslexics in general are highly creative and can be found in all the creative arts, also in cooking and numerous hands on occupations. The key to Dyslexia and High Performance is in finding precisely where their genius thinking is hiding then gently coax it out into the daylight.

For more information on Dyslexic and High Performance  or coaching dyslexics at MindPower Recognition, ‘Neuro-fault Protection’ and ‘Neuro-Performance Plus’ write to:           neurofaultprotection@gmail.com

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