Performance Thinking at 2 x The Speed of Sound

Neuro-Fault protection by MindPower Recognition.

Performance Thinking at 2 x The Speed of Sound

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Knowing what you want makes getting it so much easier.

Stress begins when I do not understand, when I lose control and then I get left behind.

How can Neuro-fault Protection drive your car when you fall asleep?

            The most amazing driving assurance policy.

  • It is the same principle as top athletes use to achieve high performance.
  • The principal is the same as the high speed thinking required of a fighter pilot flying at twice the speed of sound. They can perform far better via their unconscious brain rather than their conscious brain. In the same manner your unconscious brain can drive a car far better than your conscious brain can.
  • If you are prone to falling asleep during night driving or due to daytime fatigue, a Neuro-fault Protection program trains you how to switch on your unconscious brain to drive the car safely while it wakes you up.
  • The advanced program works by preventing you from falling asleep at the wheel with various options as back-up support.

How does Neuro-fault Protection heal your emotions and pains?

  • Negative emotions and pains are just two catagories of stressor triggers.
  • This training involves  a deeper understanding of emotional thinking also how the body’s innate healing system activates feelings of emotional or physical pain. The sensation of pain may be described as an alert signal to your conscious mind to warn you there is something  you are doing either mentally or physically that requires your attention to change.
  • This Neuro-fault Protection process is to guide you in being perfectly aware of important matters concerning your emotional and physical welbeing.
  • Understanding and adequately responding in time, supports the continuation of your perfect performance.

When thinking with your unconscious mind you:

  • Can plan and execute the most complex and challenging objectives with perfect timing and performance.
  • The best thing your conscious mind can do for you is accepting it does not know or understand, therefore letting go of trying – that is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Trying mostly fails. It is smart thinking, intuitive and unconscious intelligence that always wins.

  • There are those who just seem to know how to perform at a high level consistently.
  • There are those who wish they knew how to perform like the high performers.
  • There are those who can perform but are fearful of the consequences also particularly the responsibility  and challenges of being successful.
  • To learn more about the brains secrets of how to perform also how to overcome the fear of the consequences of high performance  contact Robert Denton at e-mail:
  • If the above information leaves you with a feeling it is all impossible, why not make a note of the email address above for the day you would like to learn how to re-evaluate unconscious understanding of your notion of the word ‘impossible’. This is the Neuro-fault Protection first step to high performance without stress.
  • Weblog Addresse:

For information of how to Manage your Perfect Performance and register for Neuro-fault Protection or Neuro-Performance Plus contact Robert Denton at:

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