Manage your Perfect Performance.

Neuro-fault Protection by MindPower Recognition.

Manage your Perfect Performance.

Knowing what you want makes getting it so much easier.

Manage your performance to manage your victory.

Presentation N°4

How does Neuro-fault Protection manages your perfect performance 2.?

  • Neuro-fault Protection is the process, which trains your unconscious mind to do exactly what you want it to do. With the right language protocols it makes sure there are no mistakes.
  • There is a seriously misguided belief that we have to make mistakes to succeed.
  • If you believe this, ask yourself how many mistakes you will permit the pilot of the next flight you take?
  • How many mistakes does it take to fail that important exam?
  • How many mistakes does it take to fail that job interview or lose a valuable and important contract?
  • How many mistakes does it take to crash your car and may be kill someone in the process?
  • Yes, we all can learn from past mistakes. Part of this is learning we can lean from others mistakes. Learning from our mistakes and not repeating them is important. More important is making sure not to make them in the first place also still understand what works and what is a mistake. There is an even smarter way and that is to learn from the power of your super powerful subconscious brain.
  • There is an even smarter way and that is to learn from the power of your super powerful subconscious brain.

Why is it important to prevent stress?

  • When it concerns daily pressures and aggravations or sustained high performance, there are many important reasons and advantages for preventing stress. High stress invariably leads to inappropriate and faulty decision making. Also, over time there are the consequential and devastating health effects.
  • A little or low stress is another issue. It is highly stressed high performers also people who are struggling just to keep their life and job under some sort of control who are at greatest risk. Invariably they are in a permanent stress state and do not realise how bad it may have become. Two of the main symptoms of sustained stress are a tendency towards negative thinking or perceptions also bouts of fatigue in the morning  or depression.

Why is it important to be able to delete the awareness of time and distance?

  • There are many examples of T & D derived stress. One example is during long journeys. Particularly when driving a car or flying in an aeroplane for long durations,  time and distance become the two main important stressors, which lead to fatigue. These stressors slowly pump cortisol into your body and brain.  The problem is there are no ways to burn off the cortisol. The consequences can be slow response to emergencies, reduced observation, slow thinking and increased errors of judgement.
  • The Neuro-fault Protection program not only limits the stressors of time and distance, it also sharpens your awareness of all that is important for a safe and successful outcome.

The next presentation will explain how your Super Unconscious brain can drive your car better and more safely even if you fall asleep at the wheel.

For information of how to Manage your Perfect Performance and register for Neuro-fault Protection or Neuro-Performance Plus contact Robert Denton at:

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