To Stay Cool When The Challenge Gets Hot

Neuro-fault Protection by MindPower Recognition

Presentation N° 3

To Stay Cool When The Challenge Gets Hot

Knowing what you want makes getting it so much easier.

When the battle and fighting gets hot the winner is the one who stays cool.

  • The top 1% of movers and shakers think with their unconscious brain and don’t know it.
  • They are the people able to think the impossible future also regard it as a matter of logic.
  • They do the impossible because they understand that if they can think it – then they can do it.

Being able to think in this way is the secret to high performance in all your life.

  • Neuro-fault Protection  shows you how to access your own unconscious  mind:
  • That manages your perfect performance.
  • That heals your emotional and physical pains.
  • That solves your problems, doubts and worst nightmares.
  • In return for all this and much more it demands of you but one thing – that you stop getting in the way with what you think is right or you should do.

Neuro-fault Protection accesses the unconscious mind:

  • That knows how to delete time and distance.
  • That knows how to prevent stress cycles.
  • That is your inner clock accurate to the second.
  • That does not understand what jet-lag is.
  • That can drive your car better and more safely even if you fall asleep at the wheel.

How does Neuro-fault Protection manage your perfect performance 1.?

  • You learn high performance low stress thinking strategies just as a top golfer or a top-gun fighter pilot. This requires that you train your unconscious mind to do precisely with ease what your conscious mind can only hope to achieve while mostly reacting too slowly, making the same old frustrating errors using redundant unconscious belief strategies as before with the consequence of creating moderate performance with high stress.
  • Take the case of the top lawyer in New York who is seriously dyslexic. That meant when he was studying for his law degree he was unable to write any lecture notes or read the piles of books necessary in the allotted time of his law course.
  • He finished top of his class. He did that by thinking with his unconscious mind also not wasting time with learning performance strategies that simply did not work for him.
  • He destroys fraudulent claims by the same method he used to gain his law degree. To find out how he does that and how you can do the same whatever your application, contact Robert Denton at:

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