Why We Need More Brain Power to Reduce Stress.

Why We Need More Brain Power to Reduce Stress.

Knowing what you want makes getting it so much easier.

Battles are won by the best thinking strategies also fast thinking capability making the right decisions.

Neuro-fault Protection by 

MindPower Recognition

History shows us that high octane fuelled (cortisol and adrenalin) high performers run out of steam or burnout their motor and performance at an early age.

The long stayers in their careers, business or sport are invariably those who are creative, focused and calm. These people have learnt to think in a different way using a different part of the brain/mind.

The fault in Neuro-fault represents are the limiting programs that become activated in our brains, which lead to poor decision making also inadequate use of the most powerful part of the brain. Too much stress for too long causes hormonal changes as a result of cortisol that reduces the quality of thinking. Therefore the first part of Neuro-fault Performance is to teach advanced methods of blocking stressors from triggering stress symptoms also restricting the over production of cortisol.

  • Neuro-fault Protection is specific guided thinking with highly developed unconscious mind language protocols crucially important for powerful results.
  • Neuro-fault Protection is spontaneous impeccable intuition on demand.
  • Neuro-fault Protection is thinking with the super brain power of the unconscious mind.
  • Neuro-fault Protection is using the super brain to avoid the mistakes of conscious thinking.
  • Only working with the conscious mind is a stress inducing way of thinking. In our high stress world, this alone no longer serves us well. Like the need for ever more powerful and faster computers when they slow down or begin crashing, now we humans also need more and faster thinking power.
  • Neuro-fault Protection is using the super powerful unconscious brain to do in seconds or minutes what you conscious brain struggles with for hours, days, weeks, months or years.
  • In your Neuro-fault performance training you learn a special form of fast meditation. In this case the meditation is specifically to help you access your powerful unconscious mind.
  • There are many forms of meditation. Meditation is itself an effective method for reducing the effects of stress also as shown in some recent studies helps to manage stress in stressful situations.
  • While the above is good news, meditation in itself mostly treats the symptoms rather than the cause. Yes first get the stress level down then we can start on blocking the stressors.
  • Neuro-fault Protection will guide you in how to deal with the cause and stop the complex emotional and hormonal processes, which triggers ever high stress.
  • In a recent study, 48 male Marines were divided into two groups before they deployed to war. Thirty-one took a mindfulness meditation course, while the other 17 Marines did nothing out of the ordinary. After only 8 weeks, Marines meditating for about 12 minutes a day scored better on mood evaluations, and had improved working memories.
  • Another study done by the Mind Fitness Training Institute and the University of Pennsylvania looked at 30 Marines preparing to deploy to Iraq. The high-practice meditation group scored significantly better on test assessing reducing stress and anxiety. The control group that did nothing scored significantly worse. And in one recent study that is still underway, Marines took a “mindfulness fitness” course at the University of California at San Diego. Pacific Standard magazine. After their mindfulness training, Navy researchers took blood and saliva samples from the service members, and also gave them MRIs.
  • Meditation helped the troops recover better from stressful training. And their brain scans showed similarities to those taken of elite Special Forces soldiers and Olympic athletes in their ability to handle stressful situations.

The next article explains about how high performers think about the impossible also you will find more specific advantages of Neuro-fault Protection.

For direct information on how to control stess also access Neuro-fault training you may send your message to Robert Denton at:     neurofaultperformance@gmail.com

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