MindPower Recognition Presentation

IMG_1327Clarity about what you want makes winning the battle so much easier.

Neuro-fault Protection and  Performance Plus
MindPower Recognition

Presented by Robert Denton Director of research and development for MindPower Recognition.

  • Consistent high performance is damaged by high stress.
  • Any form of stress is a direct result of thinking habits especially limiting beliefs.
  • MindPower Recognition and Neuro-fault Protection are processes to develop thinking powers in different ways to meet modern needs to sustain high performance without creating high stress.
  • Some people believe they need adrenalin and cortisol to perform. That may be true to an extent but performance based principally on these powerful hormones is a route to eventual overwhelm and burnout. The reason is these highs are addictive also in persistent high doses they begin to destroy the brain and body.
  • Long ago our bodies developed the capability to produce cortisol and adrenalin simply to direct all our energy to run fast to catch food or to avoid being caught and therefore becoming something else’s lunch. If necessary also the strength to stand and fight was equally important. The trigger was the emotional stress of not eating or being eaten.
  • The stress of man eating animals has turned into modern day worries of finding a job. How to pay our bills or debts. How to pay the mortgage or for that expensive school for the kids, that holiday and  buying that new car or whatever keeps us looking socially and financially upwardly mobile. The consequences of these persistent stressors produces excess cortisol hormone and we do not do the exercise of running for our lives to burn it off. Taking a run around the park does not equate to running away from or fighting off a man eating tiger, lion or whatever else.
    • We have to learn better solutions than jogging, relaxation, yoga or meditation, which only treat the stress symptom, but not the cause.


The next blog will be tomorrow 4th February. See the way consistent high performers think and what makes them resistant to most stress.


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