Job Hunting and Change Thinking

Job Hunting and Change Thinking

Bison 1 IMG_0090 Job hunting or grazing with the herd.

James is a 34 year old well educated trained, intelligent and capable man with potential to be a high flying high performer. For six months James was struggling to find a job and his stress was rising. He then learnt how to think with inspired energy Mind Power and his life changed almost immediately.

So is Mind Power all to do with genetic selection, high class education, parental support or a basket of other guidance and back-up?

In general the evidence on a global level would say yes, but it is not at all that simple.

The above conclusion leads us to ask what is this spanner in the works that allows  many people who have had few of the above advantages to excel on their own initiative with little external help or support?

The answer is Mind Power. These extraordinary people have recognised they are different and that often set them apart to the point of being downgraded or excluded as incompetent or un-teachable. At some point they break out of the establishment opinion. Then go out and make their life by believing in the altered way they think also not bothering with their teacher’s lack of understanding.

The fact is that many of these people turn out to be brilliant also high performers in their chosen field. Whatever that field, it is invariably something they enjoy doing with an inspired energy.

Study of this inspired energy tells us a great deal about how those natural high performers think. It also showed how to teach average performing conventional thinkers, a way of thinking that lifts thinking power and performance. Albert Einstein spoke frequently about the assertion that with the ability to resonate, you cannot help but to succeed.

Developing you capability to resonate with inspired energy is what you will learn in our Mind Performance Plus training. This comes after you have learnt how to control stress and spontaneous limiting thinking before they happen with our Neuro-fault protection training.

James G. came to MindPower Recognition after a fruitless search for a new job. He said that the previous four interviews were disappointing hardly surprising as he did not perform well. This is what he said after a few sessions of MindPower Recognition inspired-energy training.

“During the autumn 2013 I have had four job interviews, none of which went well. I started N-f P and MindPower training. Two weeks later I posted a new application for a similar job application. A week passed then I had a call for an interview. The interview went very well, much better than any of the previous ones. Not only that, but during the interview I was offered a better position than the one I had applied for. I felt confident and asked challenging questions as well as answering those put to me. I am feeling calm, confident with a greater degree of self re-assurance. Already after just 4 weeks I have experienced how to use so much more of the power of my mind, in addition, I know how to control stress before it gets started. I feel this unconscious mind power training has made a real difference to my life. Now I am beginning to understand the difference in my performance is directly related to my new found ability to think with a new dimension of mind power. Now I have got this far, I am certainly going to continue with this training.”

For more information or a free presentation about in how MindPower Recognition, Neuro-fault Protection and Neuro Performance Plus can help you find that job, contact Robert Denton at:

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