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Neuro-fault Protection
indPower Recognition

There is a small percent of sustainable high performers, movers and shakers. They are the ones that have learnt to think with their Unconscious Mind Power.  Why? Because they know the conscious mind no longer has the power to compete at the high performance level now expected, without creating high stress with the devastating risks of burnout.

MindPower Recognition and Neuro-fault Protection are processes designed to develop powerful thinking strategies better adapted to meet modern needs to sustain high performance without creating high stress with its inevitable consequences.

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  • Some people believe they need adrenalin and cortisol to perform. That may be true to an extent in the case of athletes but for more office based environment performance based on these powerful hormones is a route to eventual overwhelm and burnout. The reason is these adreno-cortisol highs are addictive also in persistent high doses they begin to destroy brain and body cells.
  • Long ago our bodies developed the capability to produce cortisol and adrenalin primarily to direct all our energy to run fast to catch food or to avoid being caught as something else’s lunch. So if necessary strength to stand and fight was equally important. The trigger to start producing adrenalin and cortisol was the emotional stress of starving or being eaten. In those times it was the physical exercion of running or the fighting that burnt off the cortisol.
  • The stress of hunting to survive also man eating animals has turned into whether we have a job or not. How to achieve ever rising personal and work targets. How to pay our bills. How to pay the mortgage for that fancy house or for that expensive holiday and buying that new car, all of which keep us looking socially acceptable and upwardly mobile.
  • History shows us that high octane fuelled high performers run out of steam at an early age.


  • The long stayers in their careers, business or sport are invariably those who are creative, focused and calm also who think with their intuitive intelligence. These people have learnt to think in a better way using a different part of the brain/mind.

Spot the characteristic difference and guess the stress level.

  • Warren Buffet Investment tycoon
  • Bill Gates Internet tycoon
  • Richard Branson  Business tycoon
  • Alan Sugar  Amstrad computers/entrepreneur/entertainer
  • Steve Jobs  Apple products creator

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So what is Neuro-fault Protection?

  • Neuro-fault Protection is specific guided thinking with highly developed unconscious mind language protocols crucially important for powerful sustainable results.
    • Neuro-fault Protection is spontanious impeccable intuition on demand.
    • Neuro-fault Protection is thinking with the super brain power of the unconscious mind.
    • Neuro-fault Protection is using the super brain to avoid the mistakes of conscious thinking.
    • The conscious mind has become a stress inducing way of thinking. In our high stress world this alone no longer serves us well. Whatever your situation, to be a high performer you need more, better and faster thinking power.
    • Neuro-fault Protection is using the super powerful unconscious brain to do in seconds or minutes what you conscious brain struggles with for hours, days, weeks, months or years.
    • Neuro-fault Protection and the super unconscious brain do with ease what the conscious mind usually perceives as being impossible, near impossible or extremely difficult to achieve.
    • The top 0.1% of movers and shakers think with their unconscious brain and don’t know it.
    • They are the people able to think the impossible, because the word impossible has been superseded with a logic that says if they can think it then they can do it. There is no genius mystery other than a specific thinking logic that anyone can learn.
    • The future top performers are the current intelligent people learning how to use their unconscious brain power on command to create and ensure a long and successful career at the top.


Neuro-fault Protection accesses the unconscious mind:

  • That manages your perfect performance.
  • That heals your emotional and physical pains.
  • That solves your problems, doubts and worst nightmares.
  • In return for all this and much more it demands of you but one thing – that you stop getting in the way with what your conscious mind thinks is right or you should do.

Quote. Any fool can know the point is to understand.

Neuro-fault Protection accesses the unconscious mind:

  • That knows how to delete awareness of time and distance.
  • That knows how to prevent stress cycles.
  • That is your inner clock accurate to the second.
  • That does not understand what jet-lag is.
  • That can when programmed drive your car better and more safely even if you fall asleep at the wheel.

How does Neuro-fault Protection manage your perfect performance? 1.

  • You learn high performance low stress thinking strategies just as a top golfer or a top-gun fighter pilot. This requires that you train your unconscious mind to do precisely with ease what your conscious mind can only sustain while creating high stress.

How does Neuro-fault Protection manage your perfect performance? 2.

  • Neuro-fault Protection is the process, which trains your unconscious mind to do exactly what you want it to do. With the right language protocols it makes sure there are no mistakes.

Why is it important to prevent stress?

  • When it concerns sustained high performance, there are many important reasons and advantages for preventing stress. High stress invariably leads to inappropriate and faulty decision making. There are more consequential and devastating health effects over time.
  • A little or low stress is another issue. It is highly stressed high performers also people who are struggling just to keep their life and job under some sort of control who are at greatest risk. Invariably they are in a permanent stress state and do not realise how bad it may have become. If they knew what to do about it, their stress/cortisol induced negatively altered thinking will most likely prevent it from happening.


Why is it important to be able to delete the awareness of Time and Distance?

  • There are many examples of T & D derived stress. One example is during long journeys. Particularly when driving a car or flying an aeroplane for long durations. A long and intensive training program of two or three years. Keeping a long term plan on the tracks when the world around is doing its best to make it crash. Time and distance become the two main important stressors, which lead to mental and physical fatigue. These stressors slowly pump cortisol into your body and brain.  The problem is there are no ways to burn off the cortisol. The consequences can be slow response to emergencies, reduced observation, slow thinking and increased errors of judgement.
  • The Neuro-fault Protection program not only limits the stressors of time and distance, it also sharpens your awareness of all that is important for a safe and successful outcome.

How can Neuro-fault Protection drive your car when you fall asleep?

  • It is the same principle as top athletes use to achieve high performance.
  • The principal is that your unconscious brain can drive a car far better than your conscious brain can. It has powerful telepathic,  intuitive thinking skills and capabilities to do that.
  • If you are prone to falling asleep during prolonged night driving or due to daytime fatigue, a Neuro-fault Protection program trains you how to switch on your unconscious brain to drive the car safely while it wakes you up.
  • The advanced program works by preventing you from falling asleep at the wheel with various options as back-up support.

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How does Neuro-fault Protection heal your emotions and pains?

  • Negative emotions and pains are just two categories of stressor triggers.
  • This training involves a deeper understanding of emotional thinking also how the body’s innate healing system activates feelings of emotional or physical pain. The sensation of pain may be described as an alert signal to your conscious mind to warn you there is something going wrong. It is something you are doing, either mentally or physically that requires your attention to change.
  • This Neuro-fault Protection process is to guide you in being perfectly aware of important matters concerning your emotional and physical wellbeing.
  • Understanding and adequately responding in time, supports the continuation of your perfect performance.

Neuro-fault Protection:

  • It trains you how to break stress cycles before they start an eventual devastating rampage of destruction through your brain/mind and body.
  • You can stop that happening before it attacks your immune system your confidence and your capability to believe in yourself at every level of mind/body performance.
  • Do you fear to go to the dentist because of the hypodermic needle? You need never have another anaesthetic injection when you train your body’s natural innate healing system to apply its own anaesthetic where you need it for the duration you need it, with no numb jaw and no side effects.

When thinking with your unconscious mind you:

  • Can plan and execute the most complex and challenging objectives with perfect timing and performance.
  • The best thing your conscious mind can do for you is accepting it does not know or understand, therefore letting go of trying – that is the greatest gift you can give yourself.
  • Trying mostly fails. It is smart thinking, intuitive and unconscious intelligence that always wins.
  • There are those who just seem to know how to perform at a high level consistently. The questions are; how do they do that and what is the stress cost?
  • There are those who wish they knew how to perform like the high performers.
  • There are those who can perform but are fearful of the consequences.
  • There are those who achieve consistent high performance while staying calm and relaxed.
  • To learn more about the brains secrets of how to perform also how to overcome the fear of the consequences of high performance  contact Robert Denton at e-mail:
  • If the above information leaves you with a feeling it is all impossible, why not make a note of the email address above for the day you would like to learn how to re-evaluate unconscious understanding of your notion of the word ‘impossible’. This is the Neuro-fault Protection first step to high performance without stress.
  • Weblog address:

Quote. Do not wait, the time will never be just right.

Neuro-fault Protection by Mindower Recognition

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