Neuro-fault Protection and Indecision.

Neuro-fault Protection and Indecision.

The Neuro-fault Protection program is all to do with knowing how to use your super brain power that is in you unconscious brain. The best time to learn how to use the brain to its best is when we are young. So long as you have a reasonably open mind, relatively free of limiting beliefs, this is something one can do at any age.

Certainly we all know that children are capable of learning extremely fast. Nothing faster than anything concerning computer technology, mobile telephones, i-pads, etc. One important reason is all these things work much as the brain does. Since young children have few limiting beliefs they are prone to doing what makes sense to them and that is the key to all learning. We can all learn but understanding is what makes the difference.

Another thing we are all familiar with or have heard about in this crazy world of super highway technology are computer geeks. One common factor with geeks is the rest of their lives can be a total mess with few social or other skills. Life is about balance and balance is not necessarily their best quality. The problem for so many children is sliding into becoming a computer geek with little else in their lives is becoming a soft option and so easy to do.

Naturally, children like to mostly do what they like to do most. There are a few children who naturally learn easily and quickly. They simply have a talent to do that. The bulk in the middle, may find one or two subjects fascinating and the remainder can be a struggle. Then the third category, well, learning anything other than music, films, computer games, football or cars is a struggle. This group are those called underachievers or in extremis un-teachable oafs but some of thes are found to be late starters. The late starters are those who find their passion. There is another group, the dislexics. These need special attention because many can be latent genisuses so need the best guidance to help that genius thinking to show itself. Many very successful entrepreneurs are severely dislexic.

If you have a child, well to be honest, one who fits the middle or third group Neuro-fault Protection can change their lives and put them in the first group. The reason why is because Neuro-fault Protection teaches them how to use their brain in the way the brain likes to work best. Once they know how to use the power of their unconscious brain, then learning becomes a game of amazing their teachers of their real capability. The key is not what they learn but how they learn. Once they learn how to use their brain they can lean anything they choose.

Indecision, confusion and the fear of choosing the wrong option are caused by not knowing how to use the unconscious super brain. Change the way you think with Neuro-fault Protection and you will, if you want, change your life or help someone else to do the same.

To learn more about Neuro-fault Protection and Indecision contact Robert Denton at

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