Working Memory – Emotional Intelligence – Performance & Stress

Working Memory – Emotional Intelligence – Performance & Stress

Working memory is your ability to do everything you expect to do every day and what is more you have no idea how you use your brain/mind to do all that.

Emotional Intelligence relates directly to all your current positive or success beliefs, values, behaviours and habits also it is controlled by all your limiting beliefs, values, behaviours and habits. All of these are held in your unconscious working memory though only some may be accessible via your conscious working memory. When any of these success or limiting memories clash with one or a group of people, an environment, an event or a situation the result is the beginning of an emotional stress process.

The Amygdala processes emotions therefore is closely tied in to the development of stress.

As the Amygdala processes emotions it signals a stress cycle is happening then contacts the hypothalamus, which sends a message to the Pituitary and onto the adrenal gland, which produces the cortisol for the flight – fight – freeze response. Since these three prehistoric reactions are not our normal or appropriate reactions to modern social, work or professional situations, the cortisol hormone has no way out so it sloshes around the body and brain doing inestimable damage including impairing performance.

Working memory and emotional intelligence work in the same brain areas, including the frontopariental area and the Amygdala. The frontopariental area of the brain is important in our ability to make sense of the world around us.

We are all capable of understanding the meaning of negative, however the brain cannot process a negative, therefore is converts them into positives. The consequence is that the unconscious brain equally activates positive and limiting beliefs, values, etc., without discrimination or correction. Hence the reason we find ourselves doing the wrong, silly or irresponsible things and after wondering why. Sir Winston Churchill said, ‘People have an amazing ability to trip over themselves, then moving forward without looking to see what they just fell over.’

Quote. Any fool can know the point is to understand.

Understanding all the above sequences clearly indicates the way to control stress is to manage the emotional interaction between success and limiting working memory beliefs, values, etc., and the external stressors, those things which trigger the stress process. Ideas even beliefs about perceived stressful people, work, environments, situations, events, etc., are no more than ideas based on perceptions influenced by negative or positive beliefs, etc. Since all those perceptions are coloured and influenced by our overall thinking processes, we ultimately have the control over them.

MindPower Recognition does this by the process we call Neuro-fault Protection. N-f P works by developing control of the ultimately powerful unconscious brain/mind.  The unconscious mind knows where all memories including positive or limiting memories are. By instructing the unconscious mind to locate and circumnavigate any limiting memories at any given time or situation, the stress cycle is prevented from happening before it can get started.

For more information or a presentation on Working Memory – Emotional Intelligence – Performance & Stress and the Neuro-fault Protection process contact Robert Denton at:


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