Stress – You and Your Future

Stress Workshop. You and Your Future


As the picture of a 6 litre V12 – 510 brake horsepower Aston Martin high power performance engine shows, when we control the stresses inside we get high performance where we want it, when we want it and on demnd by simply pressing the right button in the right way. The search for an advanced method of thinking, appropriate for modern needs and the pressures to perform ever higher with reduced stress breakout has dominated mind research institutes for decades. Over the past 20 years Robert Denton head of performance research at MindPower Recognition, has developed improved methods for using the infinitely more powerful unconscious mind for daily thinking. This has been achieved via natural intuitive and telepathic channels, largely ignored in our thinking processes by habit rather than choice. This is not new or unheard of. The study of geniuses or very high performers in sciences, engineering, business, sports and the arts, many of which were or are dyslexic, have shown how high performance genius thinking is thinking via the unconscious brain. Stress and not knowing you have a high power brain or how to press its start button is all that is slowing you down.

Because the way we have evolved in using the conscious thinking brain, plus modern thinking demands, the brain is reaching saturation point. This is firstly because of the high level of technology we are forced to cope with just in our daily lives also fear of failing to achieve expectations and strangely the fear of success.  Add to the list, the major modern life stressor of fast changing situations plus the fact we are largely failing to manage ever shortening time constraints. Result; like an overused computer we are running out of brain capacity to manage everything we want to. Our stress levels are going through the roof, unusual heart conditions are appearing on the radar and burnout is rocketing. The medical profession has no real understanding of what is happening because in many more cases they cannot find any disease or mental disorders. They are beginning to consider abnormal levels of stress as the real underlying cause. This means we have become un-aware of constant high stress, thus only begin to feel the effects of stress when we hit seriously dangerous levels for our brains, hearts and our health.

Familiar stress relieving techniques, such as meditation and yoga are known to be short term solutions because they are targeted at treating the symptoms not the cause. At MindPower Recognition we have developed a method that uses natural brain/mind functions in a way that geniuses have used for centuries. This method, part of the Neuro-fault Protection, unconscious mind performance strategies, means that you can now learn how to prevent stress cycles from beginning. This enables your work performance to increase naturally and free of abnormal stress.

New Stress control workshops are now being organised in Geneva by Robert Denton. For those interested to attend a presentation of these workshops with no obligation, please contact Robert Denton at  Details will be sent to you.

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