Stress – Neuro-science and High Performance

A new approach to preventing stress cycles

Before we talk about a better way to achieve high performance let’s first talk about how to control the stress that kills performance.

High performance depends on communicating the right information.V12 RapideSkoda_Citigo_VLP

Let’s talk about the pleasure centres in your unconscious brain, which help to reduce stress but most importantly drive your high performance motivation and what is more you usually do not even realise what is happening.

Just for this exercise, would you please just put aside your angelic aspirations concerning carbon emissions and other green issues? This is about helping you to understand a little bit about how your brain works.

Which excites you the most, the Aston Martin 6 litre, V12 510bhp high performance engine. Owning or just  driving the Aston Martin Rapide S, which has the 6 litre V12 510 bhp engine under the bonnet.  The CitiGo Skoda Electric car with its low carbon footprint. Make your choice and we will come back to this later on.

At MindPower Recognition observations have shown how base stress thresholds in people suffering from stress can frequently be relatively high while the person is feeling calm and relaxed. Then all it takes is one small stressor and their stress levels and production of cortisol goes through the roof in a flash.

Research at MindPower Recognition is in the process of testing a new approach to preventing stress cycles along with its dangerous side effects – High performance. This is called Auto Stress Reduction ASR. ASR, has been designed to disconnect emotional stressors attached to perceived anxieties or stress thinking patterns before they affect the hypothalamus. It is like changing the configuration of a virus so it cannot attach itself to its target host. In the case of ASR, if a stress cycle cannot happen then the hypothalamus cannot activate the pituitary and adrenal glands to flood the brain and body with the stress hormone Cortisol.

The ASR program is designed so normal functions of the brain and body are not affected. However this may not be necessary as it is believed the collective unconscious mind with its innate survival system seems to protect normal behaviours automatically.

Nonetheless, the ASR system means the entire stress cycle including the abnormal production of cortisol is prevented from happening. By preventing abnormal high levels or persistent production of cortisol the brain and body should gradually cease to be damaged by all the medically known stress after-effects. Abnormally high threshold levels of stress can then be systematically reduced with methods such as meditation, yoga also many of the martial arts, so they may have a long term benefit.

So what comes after? Well this is the dangerous part. You see high stress dampens down performance and makes high performance virtually impossible. The danger is that when you learn to control stress with Neuro-fault Protection ‘Auto Stress Reduction’ process you are at serious risk of becoming a high performer.

So if you chose the Skoda CitiGo Electric car with its low carbon footprint  you are probably feeling the pressure of intense marketing for reduced carbon emissions, therefore suffering from more stress than you realise. If you chose the Aston Martin 6 litre, V12 510bhp high performance engine, this means you are technically minded and recognise power and perfection. If you chose owning and driving the Aston Martin Rapide S, with its 6 litre V12,  510 bhp engine under the bonnet, you have the makings of a high performance thinker also you really do know what excites you and how to enjoy yourself. BUT  there is just one vital question before we can be sure. Do you own an Aston Martin Rapide S, with the 6 litre V12 510 bhp engine under the bonnet- are you planning how and when you will buy your Aston Martin Rapide S, with its 6 litre V12 510 bhp engine under the bonnet or is it just an unobtainable dream?

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New Stress control workshops are now being organised in Geneva by Robert Denton. For those interested in attending a presentation of these workshops free of obligation.  Please contact Robert Denton at You will receive more information.

For more information on a more effective approach to preventing stress cycles contact:

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