Already Feeling The Winter Blues

Already Feeling The Winter Blues

Winter blues are caused by a lack of sunlight also a slowdown in exercise activities in addition to the important lack of Vitamin D. This reduces the immune system also causes a form of depression. Taking a regular break in the sunshine also sun lamp therapy are all good ideas. Nonetheless they only treat part of the problem and it’s not everyone who can escape to the sun at a drop of a hat.

Here are some practical solutions but dig deep into your memory banks and you may find more. There are many and the most important is persistent practice. First make sure you work in bright lighting also surround yourself with bright colours, yellows, reds, oranges and shades of purple also ring the changes. A balanced mix is best but avoid a dominance of yellow. Avoid any excessive tendency towards grey or black cloths just because they are fashionable, wear colours with warm colours, which please you. Next, complement people at every opportunity about little or large things. Anything from their cloths, hairstyle, the way they do things, may be the way they think, their work performance, etc. Another important thing is to catch yourself the moment you begin to complain about anything or anyone. Stop yourself complaining or criticising. These totally suppress your body’s natural production of feel good hormones as in Serotonin, Endorphins and Dopamine, thus make you more suseptable to Feeling the Winter Blues. Whereas complimenting and being complemented tends to activate this natural good feeling hormone.  You will feel better and those you complement will feel good too. Compliment yourself as well at every opportunity. Stop and appreciate those beautiful things around you, you never give yourself the time to do. People can be so self critical but forget to notice or compliment themselves on all the good things about them. You may have to explain what you are doing as those around you will notice the new positive happier you. Your friends and colleagues will most likely follow your example. These actions change your attitudes and gradually raise your moral so you become less aware of the winter grey also you may begin to enjoy life more during the winter even your work again.

Taking time to enjoy winter traditions like hot roasted chestnuts, shuffling through piles of dead leaves on the ground, promenading wrapped in warm coats, winter shoes, boots and thick scarves and warm gloves, especially arm-in arm with friends has lots of good effects on your mood and feelings of happiness. Stop off in a cafe and order hot muffins dripping with butter and honey, invite your friends to join you, laugh and be merry. Think of all the things you could do that cost nothing but which celebrate the fun things of winter and enjoy them. All these positive things encourage your brain to trigger more Serotonin often called the happiness hormone. Serotonin regulates your mood, prevents depression and makes you feel happy. Serotonin can be released by exposure to sunlight, by eating carbohydrates and by exercising. Endorphins are generally know to make you feel good. They reduce anxiety also sensitivity to pain. Endorphins are released by exercising. Then also there is Dopamine, which helps  mentally alertness. The lack of Dopamine will negatively effect concentration with a endency to bad moods. Dopamine can be released by a protein rich diet.

What are the happy memories and things you do or did as a child, which bring a smile to your feelings also spread happiness to others? Leave a message below that might help  someone to brighten their Winter Blues.

Already Feeling The Winter Blues you are your best solution and yes, you do have to make the effort.

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